Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some recent finds

I found this cool ceramic cream and green clock at the Tip shop, I just added a cheap battery clock kit. A Josef Originals birthday girl.This is the infamous thermos that I have been raving on about to Mr T (if you had read my earlier post).

Green depression vase, pink fabric tape measure (made in England), silver spoon, 6 crochet needles (this is one thing that I regret not learning from my Gran) and two sets of faux tortoise shell knitting needles.

Two vintage wooden black rosary beads above. I popped them on the dummy next to my bed to take the photo but decided that I liked them there, so they are staying. (I have since added another 3 ..he he)

Huge silverplate trophy/champagne cooler.

My favourite find at the Tip shop was this little jug above. Its not marked, but I believe that it is an early English Georgian lustre ware jug, c1820's. The handle has been repaired. Why would anyone throw this away? It beats me.

I'll be back later with some finds for the garden. Happy treasure hunting:)


Nearly there Claire said...

Wow you have been a busy girl, gorgeous finds and Beautiful flask!!!
October is the Month of our Lady and when I was at school we used to say the Rosary everyday! I still have the same Rosary beads too. Not that I say it these days, maybe if I did then I would be classed as a good girl ;o) x

vintage mum said...

Thanks for trying techno daugter said she would also have go when she gets home.

I would love a mannequin to dangle things off :)

stuf & co said...

Hi Tamara! You have been busy again, you obviously have'a good eye' as they say,for spotting treasures. Love the rosaries and the jug such a great colour, and the champagne cooler in fact all of it! Youv'e given me the urge to go hunting today. bye for now Chris

petals and vintage said...

Yep gorgeous finds once again! Love the clock..and the jug... and the...well I probably love it all Tamara.

Have a great day. Pam x

Annie said...

Great finds, I love your clock and the little lustre ware jug. I have a few pieces of this in the pink and gold and always think it looks so pretty at Christmas displayed with candles to reflect the colours.
Ann x

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Guys, I bought this lot a while back but just haven't posted them yet:) Ann, that's a great idea, I might do that for xmas this year , thanks, Tamara x

DEBBIE said...

Hi Tamara, you always manage to find the most wonderful vintage treasures!
I love them all!
I too have a vintage champagne cooler and they are great for all sorts!
Your manequinn is beautiful also... love the beads!


Natallie KING said...

HI Tamara, I have the same thermos but it is light blue with pink flowers. The green colour is lovely too!!!

Catherine said...

Hi Tamara..isn't vintage stuff just wonderful! I had decided recently that I might look out for such a thermos as your sweetie, yes definitely. I am loving my spring flowers in vintage enamel teapots just now..& have various colours of the wee vase of yours...they look soo sweet in a row with just a few flowers in each on a window sill or where ever. It is never too late to learn to much less tragic to undo than knitting if you make a stuff up, I find myself. Much love Catherine

Rose Garden Romantic said...

great finds!!