Monday, April 30, 2012

Yohio and a little bit of PopAsia

Have you heard of Yohio? He is a visual Kei artist, a Swedish 16 year old boy, and can play the guitar like nobody's business. He just released his first single Sky Limit in Japan on the 25th April.

We think he is fabulous and wanted to share with you if you haven't already heard him play. We do have eclectic tastes.

Kade is just learning to play the guitar and would love to play like this:

Our other favourite band is SHINee from South Korea.

and Girls' Generation with The Boys:

Hope you have enjoyed something a little different.

Goodbye for now, 지금은 안녕히, Tam x

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Have Some Exciting News!

India spent our profits on face painting :)
Thank you all for your wonderful support for my stamp jewellery. We had a great day the markets yesterday, although it was a quite day I did get a lot of positive feedback on my designs. I even had two 12 years old boys comment that my pieces were really unusual and that they really liked them, love 'em. I made a few sales and have taken a few custom orders as well. One Australian stamp necklace is on its way to New York! If there is a particular design you are after let me know and I may be able to make something for you too.

I also met with the lovely Sarah from Little Finch, a gorgeous boutique of handmade and homemade items sourced locally. They also run workshops, including felting, sewing, quilting etc on-site as well. The great news is that A Treasured Past jewellery will now be available for sale through the boutique!

I would like to thank Sarah and Jennifer for giving me the opportunity to showcase my designs.

You can find Little Finch at 78 Wallace Street, Braidwood, open 7 days. They have a facebook page and dedicated website where you can also purchase their items online. Click on the hyperlinks for more details.

I hope you enjoy a restful Sunday and that the coming week is a lovely one. I must mention that India is turning 8 on Thursday so I will be busy with the final planning for her party next weekend. I was inspired by Simmones 60 gorgeous birthday cakes in this post, but I have taken the easy way out and order the puppy cake from Breadtop as India just loves it. Take care, T x

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Off to Market

Weather permitting, I am holding a stall at the next Braidwood markets, Saturday 28th April. Its an outdoor market, the day is looking chilly but no rain, fingers crossed. As mentioned in my earlier post, I have become obsessed with making stamp jewellery.

I have chosen to use only pre-decimal and vintage Japanese stamps. They are secured with a special glaze under a glass tile, and placed either inside a pendant blank or glazed and added to a bail. I am waiting on some more chains which hopefully will arrive during the week, and I will be right to go. I am also taking along my cards and other jewellery pieces. Click for a closer look.

Australian pre-decimal stamps on brass pendant with matching ball chains
Colourful ribbon necklaces
Mix of Japanese and Australian stamps in silver pendants...waiting for chains
Fitting for Anzac Day
Long glass tiles with silver plated cute is this Japanese stamp??
The small blue one on the end is a stamp from India. Of course India is keeping this one and blue is her favourite colour too.
This one is a keeper. I collect Kookaburra paraphernalia :)
I am hoping that they do well. They will be price at $20.00 per necklace and $10.00 per ring.  I have purchased so many stamps to make more, but will see how these go first.

Enjoy your week, Tam x

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Goulburn Swap Meet '12 and other things

Its been ages since I last posted, actually it has been a nice break. Did you all have a lovely Easter?? The kids are on school holidays so we have been playing tourist, scooting around town and watching a few movies. Its been lovely. I have also been making so many necklaces for the upcoming April markets, so I will show you my latest addiction soon.

On April 1st, we took a flying trip to the Goulburn Swap meet before heading to Canberra for a party. We only had a few hours, so it was a hot whip around. This morning I also ventured to the YMCA sale in Yarralumla, which was nice because the kids wanted to stay home so I had an hour or two of 'me' time.

Here are my latest finds:
The owl in the right dome was purchased this morning...I have a thing for owls.
I smashed the Swansea plate but all the pieces are there so I should be able to glue it damn hand, its still not back to normal.
Bag handles
Trophy and a glass horseshoe candle stick
Babushka doll odds and ends
Religious Script Prints from the Swap
Footed transferware cake stand and bits and bobs for jewellery
Bird tin (Swap) and bird print from the tip shop
Small hand mirrors and Edwardian Cards
Inside the tin...I googled to see what was playing at the Town Hall in 1957 but came up short
Do you like my one legged ferret..hehe
The kids and I found the Steiff Mecki and Micki at the op-shop yesterday...maybe headed to ebay??
I do have a few other things to show, I bought some vintage clothes at the swap which are handmade and ever so small, even India has a hard time doing them up. I'll save them for another day. Back soon, I promise! Enjoy your weekend, T x