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Stamp Jewellery ~ Antique, Pre-decimal and Vintage Stamps ~ Handmade Originals and Vintage Treasures ~

I've turned into a mad stamp collector. When I was little I collected stamps, my mother would bring home European stamps collected from a lady who worked at the hospital. I would carefully soak them to remove them from the envelopes. I also remember buying the small mixed packages from the newsagency. I still have my stamp album…somewhere. At the beginning of the last year, I found an amazing old stamp album dating to the 1950’s which sparked my interest once again. The idea of using stamps to create jewellery was born.

I have a variety of jewellery on offer from pendants, earrings, brooches, cufflinks, key rings and more. Each setting is chosen to best suit the qualities of the vintage stamp. Most stamps have been in circulation and have their own unique postal markings, which adds to the charm and captures a little slice of history.
My handmade items are original one of a kind pieces, and each element is chosen for its colour, patina, shape and unique character.