Saturday, May 11, 2013

Retro and Vintage Inspired Corner of My Home

Donna and Kylie (Hung Up on Retro and Lucy Violet Vintage) are hosting the 'Show us a Retro and Vintage Inspired Corner of My Home', I thought I'd join in although my style isn't really retro but more antique-vintage. This is the little area of my hallway opposite the doorway to our bedroom and just inside the front door - sorry the photos are not the best. I have not dressed the area for the photos, this is how it how it is everyday.
Mr picked up the table at a garage sale years ago for $15. The shelf houses a collection of red covered vintage books and is topped with a few favourite knick-knacks.

The manni was a tip shop find for $30. Pinned to it is a small collection of charity badges, a vintage french ribbon award and laundry pins. She wears a Daughters of Rebekah antique sash - an auxiliary group to the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

This is an original framed Victorian Chromolithograph by Ellis Rowan, from the Christmas Supplement, Town and Country Journal, December 1889.  We also have another - A Bunch of Australian Wildflowers, 1888.

We found the old mouse trap in the shed. The shelf also has a collection of the Mr's cast iron door knockers - the Georgian hand we bought in England along with the door slide. An old pink wicker basket holds my doilies and the old house name has been propped there for months waiting to be fixed to the house.

On top, I have an old tripod topped with a door knob (sorry I've chopped the top off), two old toffee tins, an antique composition clown (the Mr's) who sits in a shell with loads of tiny pink tapered shells that the kids and I spend hours collecting at the beach many years ago, along with a circus ticket, a chocolate box, an Edison phonograph cylinder, advertising hand, wooden shoe lasts, Victorian hand painted paier-mache crumb tray and a stick covered with lichen from our Walnut tree.
Thanks Kylie and Donna for hosting yet another fab linking party. I hope you enjoyed having a peek at my corner. Be sure to pop on over and visit the other lovely blogs - you may just be inspired!

Enjoy your weekend, and a big Happy Mothers Day to all tomorrow!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Nine today

Happy Birthday Missy Moo!!