Tuesday, August 30, 2011

See you in October!

Leaving everything to the last minute - check
One month supply of dog food - check
SD cards that don't work in the old camera - check
Vomiting child and 3 hours sleep - check

Sounds like we are all sorted..haha. See you in October when we get back! Stay well! Until then, I bid you adieu, T x

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Em @ Vintage Sweetheart, for graciously passing me this very unexpected award. Please pop over and say 'hi' if you haven't already had the pleasure of meeting her.

After accepting the Versatile Blogger Award, the blogger must: 1. Thank the person who gave them the award and link back to them, 2. Share 7 things about yourself, 3. Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs...although I have only recently discovered 11 :)

Seven things you may or may not know about me:
  1. I have a tattoo (which I got when I was 19), and am thinking of getting another one in England (the Union Jack on my inner arm). If If you know of a good tattooist, please let
  2. me know.
  3. On my birthday (the big 4-0) we will be visiting the town where my mother lived in England (Reddish, Stockport) and has not been to back to in 60 years.
  4. My hubby moved in with me two weeks after we started dating and never left. We have been together 13 years and married for nearly 11 (September 2nd).
  5. I am five years older than my husband.
  6. I have not travelled outside of Australia but that will change in eight days.
  7. I always wanted my nose pierced since I was little. I had it done when I was 25.
  8. I love Reality Tv, hence blog link #1 below :)
15 recently discovered blogs that I'm passing the award to, in no particular order:
  1. The Real Housewives Blog (Katherine, have you seen this yet...do you think I have a problem...haha)
  2. Mamie Jane's (the most fantastic creative mind ever!)
  3. The Romantic Rose (beautiful Italian Rose)
  4. Lucy Violet Vintage (watch this space for a fantastic new vintage shop opening soon)
  5. Vintage and Art (beautiful, creative and inspirational)
  6. Scarlett Loves Elvis (the most entertaining recounts of conversations overheard at the charity shops and boot fairs.)
  7. Vintage Jane (lover of all things vintage, you can even buy some too!)
  8. Vintage Girl (vendor at the Vintage Shed, Tyabb)
  9. Picket Fence Fancy (gorgeous house, fantastic collections...I am probably the last one to find this blog!)
  10. Hello Vintage (lover of all things vintage, retro and interesting items)
  11. Shabby Vintage Mum (the name says it all)
These recently discovered blogs are now some of my favourites (including Em's) for all different reasons; from vintage to new, entertaining, inspirational and creative...pop on over, you wont regret it, each blog is full to the brim with eye candy and they are incredibly lovely people too.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Belt of Deltora

Here is a closer look at the 'Belt Of Deltora'. I bought it years ago from a vintage shop. It is covered with multi-coloured rhinestones, the band is woven from silvered thread, with a filigree prong set buckle. It is stamped 340, Czechoslovakia.

At the time Kade and Mr T had been reading the Deltora Quest books. As soon as I brought it home, Kade proclaimed it as his own and it has been hanging on his clothes rack ever since. Now he has a chance to actually wear it.

Thanks for the positive affirmation of the costumes in the last post. I love Bron's comments about India's bow and every time I see the photos they crack me up.

See ya, T x

Friday, August 19, 2011

Book Week

Next week, the school is holding a dress-up day for Book week. The kids can dress as their favourite book characters. Today, while the kids were at school I have been sorting out their costumes. Kade chose Leif from the Deltora books by Emily Rodda and India chose Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls, though technically not a book character.

Can you see the resemblance? hehehe...Kade looks like an angry rockstar and India's bow is a tad too large. We will see if they actually leave the house like this Tuesday morning (with wig trimmed and orange hair spray for India of course).

source source

Enjoy your weekend. Its been miserable weather here..rain which we are not used too. I have been feeling as flat as a tack and stressed as a beacon the last few days. Lets hope the weekend is a good one.

Thanks all for your lovely comments and hello to my newest followers.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Etsy Featurette

A Treasured Past Etsy Shop has been featured...how exciting! You can check it out here.

Happy Tuesday, T x

Friday, August 12, 2011

What an Amazing Door!

Hi Guys...yes I am still alive...it seems a lifetime ago that I last posted...well at least a week...hope you are all well.

Well, we have been busy, busy, busy with work and organising our holiday. Only 19 days left now! In the mail last week we also received a gorgeous wedding invitation from a dear friend who is getting married in New Zealand next Summer...another trip to plan :)

The Mr is staying in town tonight to help his olds (parents) fix up their garden before we leave so the kids and I ate dinner out. We walked past this cool old door on the way down to the shops. It's an old power station door. Wouldn't it make the most fantastic table top!!?? Unfortunately it is not for sale (yes I did ask) as it will become a feature in a new business that is opening up.

Thank goodness it is Friday! Movie and popcorn are on for the kids and Sassy spoke of a new junkers reality show (Picker Sisters) so I am off to check them out...enjoy your weekend!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Coming Together....and 30 days to go!!!!

Happy Monday!!

We finally finished painting our newly reclaimed room over the weekend (reclaimed from rubbish that is, here). Ahhh....so much brighter and calmer, don't you think? The room is only small (roughly 4m x4m) with two doorway (one into the kitchen and one into the hallway).

Above is the view from the hallway. Later we will replace the blinds and the new sofa (which is on order) will sit under the sash windows.

A view of the right hand side of the room.

This is where I do all my blogging, watching tv and not doing housework..hehe. We bought this original cutler desk at auction for $170 many years ago...cheap because they had gone out of fashion apparently, but not to us.

The three drawer stand next to it came from my fathers childhood home.

This little meatsafe houses a collection of china and bits and bobs.

I had this rack in the greenhouse for ages, and decided to assemble it and bring it inside.

My gorgeous new pillowcover/cushion arrived (from here). The barbers chair was a birthday gift for the Mr, bought in the Snowy Mountains, en route to a clearing sale. Its a keeper but will be moving to a new spot when the sofa arrives.

Do you like my new coffee table?? I bought in one of the pie racks from the shed, and added it to an industrial rolling basket, and simply tied it on with rope, through the original holes.

The meatsafe below was a xmas present from the Mr, the year we moved into our home (2001). It is massive, and still has the original cast iron meat hooks inside. It now holds the Mr's beloved Playstation 3 and tv, and part of his Star Wars collection (most of which is packed away).

Lastly, I had to show you a picture of my dads painting shoes. A pair of Dr Martens...priceless.

Enjoy the new week, Tam x