Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas

This will be my last post before Christmas. I had intended to do lots of Christmas ones, but did not get the chance. I will leave them until next year.

This year we decorated our little white tree with vintage tinsel, baubles and a few glittery birds sprinkled in for good measure.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Safe and happy travels if you are on the roads. I hope Santa brings you lots of goodies.

Thank you for your support and friendship over the last year and will see you after the Christmas break. Enjoy the holidays.  Tam and family xxoo

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A quick whip around in the sun..vintage finds

Boy, it has been hot over the last couple of days, yesterday was no exception. They moved the date of the Queanbeyan Swap Meet this year as the bad weather usually brings rain - it is normally the weekend after my birthday in September. Now in December, its a little hot! We had only a quick whip around, Kade had a birthday party to attend and we had to get to the shops to buy a present. Don't you love a 2 day notice birthday party?

I didn't buy much this year, and the biggest purchase of the day goes to Mr ATP. It took a little bit of joggling to fit it into the boot and India had to travel back with Mo and Bo (aka Grandma and Poppy). Kade was squished in the back seat which could not clip back in fully as the bike was coming through from the boot. We were sweating it passing the booze bust as we would not have been awarded any parenting prizes by Mr policeman. Luckily they were on their tea break and we got home without incident. Kade was wearing a seatbelt though! Oh dear, this sounds really bad..hahaha

Back to the goodies:

My new wall shelves. Lovely carved details with remnants of white, pink and blue paint

It now hangs on our the kitchen wall. The perfect place to store a few glasses etc $45

I bought this Aspro tin on etsy a little while back, $12. Another piece for my Aspro collection, see here.

And then there were three...another pair of opera glasses to add to my two pairs that I sent home from England. I bought this pair more for the case, $20

This trophy is huge with the original heavy wooden base. It is engraved p.c.s.f.a 1934, 1st Grade, St Columbus, A.B Ducker. $25
Mr ATP's purchase, $400. He is always on the lookout to add more retro dragsters to the collection. This is the boot offender! you think we have a problem? We have a Speedwell parked in the hall, the new Malvern Star is in the small back room and we have a Flying Wedge in the kitchen. Can you see the bike stand behind the new addition, it is holding a newly sprayed frame, ready for a rebuilt. Did I mention that we have a few other bikes in varying stages in the flat, I think that count is up past the 12 mark now. His pride and joy (Raleigh Chopper) is also waiting to be built. Yes, these are their permanent parking spots!!!

What has been your favourite find of late?? Back with more of my paraphernalia soon, T x

I have exceeded my image storage size in picasa and found the following useful instead of purchasing additional storage: If you reach your storage limit when uploading from the Picasa desktop software, you'll only be able to upload at free storage sizes. All photos uploaded over the free size limit will count towards your 1 GB of free storage.  It seems the size limit for photos is: 800 x 800 pixels. I resized my photos to 800 pixels on the longest edge and it seems to work! I will let you know if I start having problems with free image storage. source