Saturday, June 23, 2012

England: Dover

Just wanted to pop in and say hello. I wish I could say I have been away to some tropical island, sipping Pina Colada's on the beach, but unfortunate I have not.

Winter is starting to kick in here in Australia, with cooler mornings and windy cold days. We live in one of the coldest regions, close to the Snowy Mountains but not too far from the beach either. We are planing a trip to the snow this year, so I will takes lots of photos.

I pulled a few photos of Dover beach, to share with you, and add a little warmth to our chilly days. Driving into Dover was one of the most spectacular views, and I am sorry that I was unable to capture it in a photo. 

Enjoying some chips (eaten with a little wooden fork) at the beach under the white cliffs of Dover. The little forks were genius, we have to use our fingers..haha.

India looking out to sea, on the pebbly beach.

Here is a view of the Castle from the town below. While walking around the grounds of Dover Castle I was asking when we were going to see the castle, apparently we were in it. Dumb I know, but you have got to laugh.

The King was not amused that I did not know which king he was, and he said that I obviously didn't learn my history, oops.

A view from the grounds of the Castle. The fog had set in.

Kade and my parents on the way into the Tower, which I might add nearly killed us climbing up all the steps to the top!

After the castle we visited the Dover Museum and saw the Bronze Age Boat. The museum was incredible. Below is a photo of a French prisoner of War ship, build from bone, c1802. The Roman Painted House was also worth a visit, and the volunteers were lovely.

Before leaving for England, we purchased a 2 week Overseas Visitors Pass from English Heritage. It was well worth it for value and convenience. We picked up the pass from Dover Castle, and used it to see many Heritage listed sites along the way.

I'll leave you with this photo I found of India, of our first night in England....cute!