Saturday, November 19, 2011

Coloured Feather Lights

I searched high and low last year looking for battery operated lights for Christmas and I finally found some plastic flowers ones in Kmart. Today while we were out and about we found these colour feather lights, 3.9 metres in length and battery operated for $9.99 at Go-Lo. I only bought one string but they are so pretty I might get some more tomorrow.

Christmas is in the air...its already getting late but it is way too hot to sleep. The kids are watching their first Christmas movie of the season, Disney's Prep and Landing...and the Mr is on a boys night out for a friend who is moving to Queensland next week. No doubt he will come home with ripped jeans. I kid you not he normally does! Somehow it always involves climbing over barbed wire fences or picking up a wig off the ground while riding a mini bike...they never grow up do they?

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet???

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Trash and Treasure Finds: Watermelon on a Hot Day!

I've left you waiting long enough to see what my mysterious Trash and Treasure purchase was. Well here it is! A 2 foot long vintage papier mache watermelon. It was probably a store display or a theatre prop, but the Mr said I could buy it as it was only $2.

Don't ask me where it is going to live because I do not have an inch of free space to put it, but I could not possibly leave it there. It was funny as I bought it from the local retired antique dealer (who I purchase goods from and he has purchased items from me) who lives just up the road. He should have dropped it at my house instead of lugging it all the way to Canberra. No worries, it made its way back.

Below is a beautiful vintage conch shell lamp that I forgot to show last week. It may be heading to my etsy store soon, though it does look pretty good where it is.

A few industrial woollen bobbins, perfect for making into christmas trees or memo holders.

Finally a hard to find addition to my Bonzo collection; a vintage postcard with concertina photo cards inside. A souvenir from the National Parks, NSW, Australia. If you are interested you can see my Bonzo collection here.

Thanks for stopping by and all the lovely comments that you leave, you guys keep my going. A big hello to my newest followers, its much appreciated. Enjoy your week as much as you can.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Pom Pom Birds

In keeping with my last post, I made some little pom pom birds for Christmas. I was playing around with some pom poms while the kids were in bed and being inspired by our blue wrens I had a go at making some pom pom birds. These are purely my own design and you are welcome to copy them if you like.

For each bird you will need four pom poms; three pom poms the same colour and one in a contrasting colour. Using the purple and green bird as an example, start by making the base, hot glue three pom poms together (one purple and two green). The last pom pom (green) is glued to the top to make a head. Be careful as I burnt my fingers to billyoh in the process as the glue tends to move all over the place!

Next using some thin floral wire (white plastic coated) bend some little feet and legs. I did this using one piece of wire from start to end, but you could use several if you like. By making the legs in one piece the top bend is easy to secure inside the body and gives the bird better stability.

Now to attach the legs. Place some hot glue at the top of the wire legs and poke into the body behind the chest pom pom.

Add some googly eyes and a beak. I used small pieces of card that I cut into a triangle with a fold in the centre to give it two sides (to make a V shape).

Pipe cleaners are easy to bend and attach as a tail. I bent the end into a little hook that I glued to the top of the body to secure it into place, see top photo. There are lots of different options you could try.

And here's the motley crew...tweet tweet!

I have yet to show you what I found at Trash and Treasure on Sunday, although you will think I am bonkers when you see what I bought! Back with some picture soon. Thanks for visiting, Tam x

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Bit of Thrifting

Hello treaure hunters near and far. As promised I have a few new finds to show you. I am a sucker for all things birdie, don't ask me why. The little vase above is made in Austria and the set of birds below will be adorning our xmas tree.

The silver vase is the newest addition to my collection, and was reduced by $5 because it is roughly inscribed 'Podger' underneath..hahaha

On the way home from the church sale last week we stopped into the tip shop and found a huge box of beaded fruit! Oh, I love beaded fruit so I was very excited. Below are a few pieces to show you along with the silver tray that I picked up for 50 cents. Love the little ball and claw feet.

The art nouveau posy holder? and silver lid top (perfect for a paper weight) were also found at the church sale, 50 cents each.

This gorgeous velvet June Millinery hat is defiantly a keeper, along with the faux fur winter hat that I got for free.

We are heading out this morning to trash and treasure...we are running a little late and hopefully will stop into Y's Buy as well on route to the mall (and the chocolate cafe).

Enjoy your Sunday, Tam x

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Superb Fairy Wren

Hello, its been a while hasn't it? Thank you all for your support during the last couple of weeks. While it has been hard the worst is over and we are back to normal living, as normal as can be I suppose. Even though we knew the time would come it did not make it any easier but the kind words of others really made a difference, so thank you!

How cute is the little fairy wren who visits our garden every spring. The kids call him 'bluey'. He often taps on the window while picking bugs from the spider webs. See, it pays not to clean the window glass..haha

We are hitting the opshops tomorrow and I have a few finds to show you that I bought at the church fete last weekend, next post. Until then be good or fake it :) Tam x