Thursday, July 26, 2012

Collections: Retro Dragsters

There is some serious 'mantique' collecting going on here at the 'ATP' headquarters. More details soon.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stamp Jewellery: Bracelets

I have sourced some interesting jewellery bases and unique stamps to expand my Stamp Jewellery line. The bracelets above, in bronze and silver, will be heading with me to the Makers Market in Braidwood on the 25th August. See flyer on the sidebar :)

With Fathers Day just around the corner here in Australia (September 2nd), I have a selection of Stamp cufflinks, Steampunk cufflinks and Tie pins also.

The new range now includes earrings too, which I will show you before the day. I am keeping my prices low; all necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are priced at $25, and the Steampunk pieces a little higher.

My jewellery can be purchased through Little Finch, Wallace Street, Braidwood and online at my Etsy store (sorry there are only a few pieces here, but I am happy to take orders for something special or if you see something through my posts).

Hope to see you on the 25th! Bye for now, Tam x

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Little Cupboard for Little Curios

A little collection has now found its place; interesting little bits and bobs collected over time and cherished for years to come. The little cupboard picked up months ago from the tip has found a new use, a curio cabinet, holding the kids special treasures.

A little duckling, a skull picked up in a paddock, pig tusks, nests and eggs, coral, fossils, gemstones and keepsakes. Even a little piece of chalk from the White Cliffs of Dover.

I bought a little piece of meteorite at work for the kids. Apparently it is 4 billion years old. My work colleague was quite skeptical saying that it would cost well over $20,000 to buy a piece that size to analyse in the lab. I either got a great bargain or a cheap fake. I was willing to take the chance even though they didn't like the coprolite (dinosaur poo!) I bought them.

Penny press coins stamped around England sit in a little tin to bring back happy memories.

Little teeth, kindly left behind by the Tooth Fairy and safely dropped into little jars.

Wishes to all that pass this way, hello to new followers, old friends and new ones. May your weeks be well and your weekends even better! Bye for now, Tam x