Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good Luck for the Knights?

On the way home from the Clearing Sale, we stopped into Gold Creek Village for a nosy around. We decided to take the kids into the Walkin Aviary as we often walk past but never seem to go.

Before walking into the enclosure, Mr T was reading the sign, he said ' look kids, if you get bird poo on you, don't worry, it is good luck' and through the door we went.

Two seconds after we entered, a blue parrot flew onto his shoulder. Kade said, 'Dad! The parrot has crapped on your shoulder!'...hilarious. Lucky I had a tissue in my pocket (a rarity in itself) and wiped, well, smeared it off.

I told him, if it is good luck, then maybe the Newcastle Knights would win their game Sunday afternoon as he was wearing his Knight top...Go the Knights!

Guess what, they did win. Now he wants to go back every week..haha

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Clearing Sale; Part 2

Hello fellow treasure hunters, hope your weekend has been wonderful!

As promised, here are the little treasures that we did manage to buy and fit in the boot.

Chicken feeder and 2 steel sieve tops. Mr T wants the feeder for his chickens he desperately wants, but I have other plans. The top sieve thingme is going to hang on the front of our shed.

Some Australian pottery pieces; 2 MCP (modern ceramic products) wall owls c1950 and a Diana daisy pattern wall pocket c1930.

3 wool bale hooks. I had to battle a dealer and a farmer (who wanted to use them) to secure these beauties.

Mr T's buy of the day, a Ryobi blower/vac for $2. When we got home he tells me its missing a piece and will cost $100 for the extra part....What?? For now it will remain a blower...haha

And the very best buy of the day.....this Victorian print with a folk art was love at first sight! The wooden frame is covered in a mosaic of old ceramic/pottery transferware and glass pieces (closeup at bottom). Its a beauty and only $2, would you believe? Could you also believe that I was the only one interested in it?? I know! I was sure I would have a bidding war. Or do you think it is a piece of tat??

Our lots didn't break the bank as we spent $69.50 all told.

A great day out, fresh air, sunny skies, a country drive and a few treasures to bring home. What did the weekend hold for you?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Clearing Sale (Farm Auction); Part 1

There is nothing better than going to a farm clearing sale, and hearing the magic words, 'this is a fair dinkum sale, everything must sell', and lots of pieces (including furniture) selling for only $2 each. Priceless.

Isn't the view fantastic, and the sky was crystal clear. It was only around 14 degrees C, but the sun was out with no wind, so it was pretty warm.

Here are some of the items that didn't make it home. The kids wanted to buy the ute (utility truck and Australian country icon), so that we could cart some of the bigger stuff home...we sure do need one. This was the only thing with a reserve, and I am sure that it didn't go for only $2.

The kids spent most of the day climbing up this tree.

Aah, country Australia, could it get any better?

I'll be back tomorrow to show you what we did bring home. Bye, butterfly......

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Living Jewellery and a Fascinating Doll

I always had a fascination and appreciation of mourning jewellery, especially the intricate and delicate hair assemblages, and family framed wreaths.

Inspired by such pieces, I thought this vintage watch housing would be perfect to make a special piece for me; a reminder not of those who have passed, but those who are dear to my heart, my children. Inside I placed a precious lock of Kade and India's baby hair, and cut some letters from some sheet music to secure inside the glass face.

On the same vein, I have to show you a doll that I found many many moons ago. She has only part of her composition head left, and one small painted wooden arm, but I just love her. I think she may be French or German, late 19th Century, but without all her features it is hard to tell.

She had a little split in her legs, and on further investigation, I discovered that she has a small lock of human hair stuffed inside...isn't that amazing? Wouldn't it be interesting to know the story of how and why the hair was put there...oh the stories this little doll could tell. To me, I think it is fascinating, to others it could be quite creepy.

You can read more about Victorian Mourning jewellery here:
Remembering a loved one with mourning jewelry
The Victorian Obsession with Hair, Result: Mourning Jewelry
Victorian mourning Garb

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ride a Cock Horse

I hope you haven't been waiting too long to see more about the gallant steed from my previous post. He didn't come home exactly like this. His synthetic fur (60's/70's) was terribly brittle and weathered as he had been wet and was most probably sitting unloved in the garage for years.

Peeking out from under a torn section on his leg I saw some straw. I could feel that his head was solid and we decided to see what could be underneath. I was hoping to leave him with straw and wood, but, as he was too wet and mildewy, he wasn't really very hygienic, so away the straw flew. I know my initials are TB but I don't actually want to catch it. In the commotion I forgot to take a shot in between, sorry.

He is still sitting unfinished, a job for another day. I am thinking of replacing his ears, maybe with some burlap, and redoing the saddle and bridle (they are pleather).

What do you think? Does he look better or would you have left him as is???

Tinkie was foreman.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Treasure Hunting We Go

After reading all your blogs and seeing all your amazing finds, I had the hunting bug so India and I headed out yesterday for a spot of treasure hunting. Now that I am 'out' I am amazed that we found any bargains..haha (thanks for the lovely and embarrassing comments...blush)

Could this be the tiniest elephant in the world?? I bought another herd (12) carved elephants for my mum's collection. She needs another like a hole in the head as the saying goes. But they are small, this being the smallest.

Found a fantastic old leather bound book,'Chambers's Information for the People Vol 2', it has some very interesting information, which I will post another day. The Little glass dome (reminiscent of a Victorian dome) is Chinese and held a cork craving. I scraped it out and it now holds my grandmothers (Jessie) rosary beads, below.

The bell above was only 50 cents. My gran (Gladys) had one, so it is a reminder of her. I bought the broken cup (so pretty) at the tip to hold jewellery and bits and bobs.

The silver cake forks were a steal at only $5, love 'em.

Another headband for the dress up collection.

A small canvas army bag missing the strap, and an army belt, which will become the strap.

2 Woollen blankets, and an eiderdown peeking out from underneath. Would you believe I found the eiderdown for $5, even though its not my colours I am not going to leave it there when they are so hard to find.

We found the skull for Kade, had to bring him home something right??

I bought a huge lamp shade very similar to this when I was 17/18. I since sold it one, but I thought that maybe I shouldn't have. Anyway, today I found another one, this one is in perfect condition, the other was ripped inside. It is pink in colour not orange as my camera has made it out to be.

More about this guy in the next post...

Happy treasure hunting one and all!