Friday, October 15, 2010

The 8th Wonder? of the World

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Why is it when you talk to your children they don't hear a word you say and you have to repeat yourself 10,000 times a day?

But as soon as you are having a private conversation.. BAM! they could hear the wings of a butterfly.

Master K, 8 years old, has an uncanny knack of doing just that. Yesterday while we were talking about my father's tow ball cover that he left at our house, Master K came in halfway through the conversation.

"Who's was it?" he says
"Poppy's." I replied
"Poppy's what?"

...arghh.... make that 10,001 :)


Rose Garden Romantic said...

So true!! They don't hear what you say to them, but seem to hear everything they aren't supposed to! lol!

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

HEAVENS Tam I have THAT problem with Mr SVJ....hahahahaha....!!

THANKS for your note just now....I'm GLAD you like it....hahahahaha....I have a pic in my 'minds eye' of your hubby sitting up in bed reading a 'manual' surrounded by roses....That's makin' me SMILE OUT LOUD for sure....!!

The pic you found of the butterfly is LOVELY & got me to thinkin' how WEIRD I am....I have NO worries letting a butterfly walk all over my arm HOWEVER, turn the butterfly into a moth & I am a SCREAMIN' BANSHEE....hahahahaha....!!

Have a great weekend Lovey....!!

Tam :o)

A Treasured Past said...

@Rose Garden Romantic I know exactly what you mean..he he

A Treasured Past said...

@TamarahHiya, its not so much floral, but the it is a bit pink and I have a collection of childrens teasets, old dolls, vintage toys, vintage clothes hangers etc, and lots of quilts.

He doesn't read too many books, he is too busy in his man cave playing the Playstation 3...he he

Have a great weekend also.