Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Big Bang!

Last night we headed off to the Gunning Fireworks Festival...after an initial detour. We missed the turn to the road to Gundaroo (I think they renamed the road, well thats my excuse anyway) and had to turn around, which wasn't too bad as we stopped at the Lake George Lookout . It was lovely and the kids had a better look at the Wind farms (just about Mr T's head above).

The trip there was gorgeous, and since we have had so much rain lately the paddocks were so green they were almost fluorescent. We arrived at around 3:00 and to our surprise it was really really good. There were rides set up for the kids (more that the Bungendore Show would you believe, they even had the Cha Cha). They had free face painting (India had hers painted as a pink butterfly) and the reptile man was set up next door. The kids had a chance to pat the lizards and the guy was telling us that the shingle back lizard actually has a third eye on the top of his head, maybe it is more of a sensor, I am yet to prove this as a fact...

The reptile man was holding a huge python, India was brave enough to touch it, Kade only stood by it when I took the photo, but later proceeded to tell his friend that, 'Yeah..I touched it!', he he

While India was having her face painted, Kade and his dad went for a wander and returned with a huge stuffed Lizard! Kade has a knack of always wining, we have folders and folders and hundreds of prizes that he was won over the years...anyway, not to be outdone we had to go and win India something. It was the 'buy a ticket and pick a winning number' game, the first ticket was a dud...after another three, India too won a stuffy...Not satisfied with the stuffies within reach, she chose a killer whale right up the top and the girl had to get a ladder to get it down..he he

As it was quite windy, the Airforce hot air balloon was not set up, but the basket and blower were so the kids were able to jump in and shoot the flames into the sky (under supervision of the Raffy of course). After that the kids had a quick go of the mechanical bull, where India fell off instantly and hurt her finger (but didn't cry) and Kade was the star, staying on the longest, (he was concentrating so hard the his tongue was nearly pushed out his cheek) and the operator guy even sped it up an notch.

Because we were there so early, we were able to park at the perimeter of the oval (where the fireworks were set up, pictured above). We headed back to set up our picnic...we were equipped with jackets, eiderdowns as it was freezing later on. I used me thermos that I bought at the tip shop (yes it was clean and hadn't been used and no it hadn't been in the rubbish) and the water was still boiling hot to my surprise 5 hours later...Mr T is now sick of me raving about the new thermos (we even spoke about it on the trip back home), even though he did enjoy his cup of tea..he he

Anyway the kids bought a glow pack and were itching to crack them out. We set them up just as it was getting dark, they had glasses, bunny ears, earrings, necklace, bracelets...put it this way, there was no losing them :) The fireworks started around 6:00. They started with some pretty gentle ones...there were lots of 'oohs and ahhs'...then the big mamas came out..they were massive and loud!!! The car alarms were going off behind us which was funny. The fireworks display lasted for over an was amazing.

Then the break came.We packed up our picnic stuff and loaded the car..Mr T was a little bored after the first 1/2 hour, saying that he was never really into them as a kid etc, etc....

The Finale...well, we have never in our lifes witnessed anything so loud and massive!! I am not exaggerating here. As we were parked on the other side of the oval, the huge fireworks were closer to us. There were sparks and pieces of cracker shells falling all around us, on the ground, on the car, smouldering cinders on some dudes was like a war zone.....the kids were petrified and jumped back in the car which was lucky as they were just missed by a flying cinder themselves.

Mr T's favourite part was when I was hit smack bang in the middle of my forehead with a large piece of flying cracker shell, which ricocheted off me and into his back....'What the bloody hell was that!'

As we left..Mr T's final verdict was that it was FANTASTIC and we will be back next year....all in all we had a blast!