Monday, June 13, 2011

A Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

There is one word that would not describe our house and that would be minimalistic. Homely, cozy, small and brimming would be the best way to describe it...and full of love.

You may find it strange, but this little cupboard sits in the kitchen. The blue drawers (8 in all) hold food on one side and important bits and bobs on the other.

I bought the shelves above at Born Vintage Collectables and Old Wares, Braidwood, and painted them cream and tacked a piece of Sanderson fabric to the back as it was open. It is now home to many of my pretty things. I've added lots of photos so you can have a better look, you can also click for a bigger view.

I was inspired by Niki @ Nostalgia at the Stone House and grouped together a shelf of violets and pansies.

We have a mouse plague at the moment and the little violet perfume is no longer. A damn mouse knocked it off the top of the cupboard and it smashed to the ground!!

The little swan is so pretty don't you think? It is covered in opalescent white glaze (lustre) and it is adorned with porcelain flowers. Marked Japan.

I seem to have a problem with size, when buying from ebay that is..haha. The little chocolate box with carnations arrived smaller than expected, while another box was massive! The biscuit barrel was a song because it was without the lid, but I had a spare one which was the perfect size and colour, it was meant to be. The crinoline lady is a part of my collection.

The Victorian bisque boy vase is one of my favourites. It has been broken in places and stapled together. Isn't it amazing that you can staple porcelain together. I will show you some shots in another post. The little Victorian jug I picked up at the tip shop.

I picked up the lolly jar (from an old milk bar in Griffith NSW) at the Milton swap meet last year, and found the matching advertising labels at the Goulburn swap this year...what are the odds.

The ceramic biscuit barrel is usually filled with Tim Tam biscuits (if they last that long), the silver one is filled with paper stuff!

If you are still with me, I'll show you my other kitchen cupboard another time.

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend, we don't have another one until October!!


Kimmie said...

Oh Tam I sigh little happy sighs visiting your blog. We could be long lost twin sisters with our identical tastes in treasures :]


polkadotpeticoat said...

I love your cabinet, what a treasure trove!
It's loaded with such beautiful!

angebleu said...

I do like the arrangement of the cream shelves over the blue drawers!

Unknown said...

So many cute things to look at in your kitchen. I love it all! I really love your fabric background. Thank you so much for sharing your kitchen with us!!
Chris :o)

*Maristella* said...

Hi Tamara---->wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!!
Io amo queste cose....Biscuit Barrel, Crinoline Lady----> lovely-lovely-lovely!!!
Io ti ringrazio per queste meravigliose immagini, mi hanno rallegrato la giornata!! ;o))
Aspetto di vedere le foto dell'armadio, chissà che sorpresa!!!
Un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

Nelly said...

So many nice things to drool over.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

I love the way you have grouped your treasures together - they look fantastic!

Lyndel said...

oh what a great display!.. the violets plastic chocolate box still with its foilpaper label is rare!! lots about without the foil flowers, yours is special, and I think my favourite♥

Hello Vintage said...

Thanks for letting us check out your kitchen shelves. You have some fantastic things there. :) Sherry

Vintage Jane said...

I love your pretty kitchen. Everything has a little story to tell. So interesting to look at. M

ladychiara said...

Tam such pretty treasures. I love that you have them on display in your kitchen.I'm not sure which I love best you have so many lovely things there.I relate to the size issue on ebay purchases, I never seem to read the measurements on things and when I do they never mean much to me.Adore the fabric backing to your shelves.Your kitchen must be a happy place to be with such beautiful things in it.

fabriquefantastique said...

Yummy....just up my line

Doni said...

Hi Tamara! I just love all your pretties especially the violet collection. Stupid mouse...I detest the little buggars!!! The lovely items you have displayed are such a joy to see. Gorgeous arranging too. Have a blessed day! Doni

Unknown said...

Hi Tam, your shelves of old treasures are amazing...If I came round for a cup of tea you'd never get rid of me....too busy nosing!!!! xx

theromanticrose said...

Amo il vintage perciò divento tua folwer!Belle immagini

Annie said...

This is just gorgeous, all the sorts of things I love. It reminds of me of my kitchen dresser shelves that are full of pretty bits and bobs I have collected. I love your old sweet jar and rosy biscuit barrel.
Ann x