Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What do you do with your Doilies?

This is my doily stash. I always scoop up doilies and hand worked linens when I see them. It makes me quite sad to see them thrown in a pile at the op shop.

I hot glued a few doilies to cover an old lamp shade and added some pretty trim inside and out.

The quilt on our bed was wearing quite thin in places, so I stitched on pretty doilies to cover the holes.

I made the organiser below by sewing little doily pockets onto a vintage hand linen and adding a lace hanger.

I pieced together the doily curtains above the kitchen sink and side door. Mr T always grumbles that they make us look poor, but I like them :)

The ultimate in doily recycling is this fabulous doily car, how inspiring.

Pam @ Bayside Rose recently posted the most fantastic art pieces that she made, pop on over and have a look.

Do you love doilies, and what do you do with them?


petals and vintage said...

Oh Tamara, Love it all, its all just fabulous. I love doilies and the idea that they are being used in some way or the other. They are all beautiful. I want that car though!

Have a great day today.
Pam x

Unknown said...

I love using doilies....I have used them to cover holes on the inside of a patchwork bag...
Love all your ideas.
Chris :o)

Nelly said...

I love what you have done with your doilies Mine are still waiting for One Day to come along.

ladychiara said...

Gorgeous ideas! Love that lampshade! Like Nelly,I am waiting to decide how to use them or display them. For now I have them stashed in bags, boxes and baskets.

vintageandart said...

You clever,clever gal!!Big love for the door curtain. Wait til l show Mum she's gonna go ape. Can't linger gotta pull my dusty sewing machine out and find some doilies. Big thanks for sharing, Bron.

Catherine said...

Of course I love doillies!!! I wonder if you could be run out of your own home by an over-exuberant supply of doillies, tablecloths & fabric... I just can't ever walk past them??!!! : O
The bunting garland across the mantle piece is sweet & love the curtain on the door & tell MR T that my Rob loved it too!! (or is he out getting a food parcel? ha ha just kidding!! Love all the other bits too. I quite like collecting the pretty damask serviettes too. I covered a lampshade with a vintage green one not so long ago. I have made a bunting out of crocheted doillies..dyed them all pink. i have used them to patch our bedspread & for making bags etc. Yahoo what fun. Much love Catherine x

simmone said...

Love all your doiley ideas esp. the organiser,tell Mr TP it's not a pauper look,it's vintage chic.