Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thanks Nelly

The fabulous Nelly @ My friends call me Nelly has graciously honoured me with a very unexpected award...Thank you Nelly, you have brightened up my night :)

O.k so I have to tell you 10 things about me...boy, I had trouble last below are 10 things as described by Mr T:
  • I let the kids get away with murder...I don't think so,
  • I talk too much in the car when we are driving to and from work...that's because he doesn't like to talk,
  • I am incredibly funny...o.k. I added that one..hahaha,
  • I am good at crafty sh*t....incredible I know and mind his language..hahaha
He couldn't think of anything else so that rest is from me:
  • I hate yellow cars and clothes,
  • Mozzies (mosquitoes) love me, and have a tendency of biting me on my fingers and face..argh!,
  • I cannot stand flies in the house and have passed it on to the children. Whenever there is a fly, the kids yell, "Mum there's a fly!" and we run frantically around the house trying to locate the fly's ridiculous.
  • I have a pseudo phobia about sharks and they are always in the back on my mind when swimming in the ocean. Also I would not swim at the beach on our honeymoon at the Port Douglas (QLD) because I was scared of crocodiles and sharks in the water, double whammy...Mr T said there was nothing to worry about but in the taxi on the way from the airport they said that the beach was closed at Cairns because of a point was proven.
  • I have not travelled outside of Australia...travelling to the UK in September,
  • I am turning 40 this year...bluurrr
Now I have to pass the 'Kreativ Blogger' award to ten fabulous bloggers. Ooh this is hard as I love reading all my blog favourites but I have to choose so here we no particular order:
  1. La Maison de Maristella
  2. Vintage and Art
  3. Bayside Rose
  4. An Angel in the Garden
  5. Bord & Butik
  6. Shabby Vintage Junk
  7. Fading Grace
  8. Vintage Retro & Simply Cute Shopping
  9. Crazy House Capers
  10. Vintage Mum
  11. and a little extra one for good luck Serendipity Cafe
These are some of my favourite blogs (including Nelly's) for all different reasons; from vintage to new, thought provoking and meaningful, inspirational and creative...pop on over, you wont regret it, each blog is full to the brim with eye candy and they are incredibly lovely people. If I have not mentioned you, but you visit my blog often, please feel free to take the award for yourselves also.

Have a great night, T


Nelly said...

Ha ha I am also scared of crocs hubby would move further north I said this is as far as I go coz of crocs.I also hate yellow still believe Green should be the IT colour.I have never been out of aus but would love to go OS and the UK would be my 1st stop do you realise how much thriftiy things you will find lucky you!! Do think of me when you are there.

Heidi said...

Your so sweet I will try and get on this...I'm 42 and I have to say the 40's are better than the 30's.....this was fun getting to know you better! we were cut out of the same mold my hubby tunes me out also in the car and instead of flies I'm scared to death of mice!

Unknown said...

Too funny! I hate yellow clothes as well!!!!!!! I'm with you, I would be afraid of the crocs and sharks as well....better safe than sorry!!
Loved reading this post!
Have a great week!
Chris :o)

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh Tam THANK YOU So much for thinking of me....I will do my best to make you proud....!!

....hahahahahaha....LOVED learning a little more about you....We have even MORE in common than I suspected....Sharks, flies & the 'thing' with mozzies....ME TOO....And yellow....ewwwwww....!!!!!

I AGREE with Heidi....As much as I LOATHED getting here....I'm finding the 40's are DEFINITELY better than the 30's....!!!!!

Cheers for now Love,
Tam :o)

Lyndel said...

oh wow thanks Tam, I'll work out this afternoon how to accept, and transfer to my blog... off op shopping now with Miss 11yr fun fun.

*Maristella* said...

Waow....meraviglioso! Io ti ringrazio tantissimo, cara Tamara!!! Lovelyyyy!!!
Un grande abbraccio ed un grande bacione, *Maristella*. ;o))

Unknown said...

Thankyou Tam for my first ever award!! I have put it on my side bar xx Love the Golly's I have 3 that sit at the top of my stairs ...Im rather fond of them!! have a great weekend xx

petals and vintage said...

Thank you so much Tamara. I will add it to my awards page. You are too kind. Pam x

Kimmie said...

Thank you lovey!