Saturday, March 5, 2011

Do you see what I see?

A big hello to my friends and followers and for your lovely comments. Its nice to know that you are there.

I was surprised to see this friendly snake guarding our summer apple and plum trees from the Cockatoos.... they are long gone now and Autumn has well and truly started. It was very fresh here this morning; the wind has a bite. Time to pull out the long school trousers and jumpers again. Bbrrr....

Save to date for these upcoming events:

Bywong Car Boot Sale is coming up soon; Sunday 20th March at the Bywong Community Hall for the locals who are interested. Gates open at 9am-1pm. Gold Coin donation for parking.

The Annual Miniature Fair and Dollshouse Show of the ACT Miniature Enthusiasts; Saturday 26th March, 10am-4pm, Weston Creek Community Centre. Adults $5, Children and Pensioners $3, Families $8

Goulburn Annual Swap Meet; Sunday 3rd April at the Goulburn Showground (Braidwood Road), gates open 6:00am, $3 entry, children under 14 years free.

See you there :)


*Maristella* said...

Hi Tamara. Molto divertente il finto serpente!! Da voi c'รจ un bellissimo sole...un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

vintage mum said...

What a fantastic snake I wasen't sure if it was real at first.
My daughter nearly jumped out of her skin, yesterday she saw a rubber snake in the bushes that I had left last summer as a joke.
(she found an Adder in the kitchen in the dogs bed and has never got over it)

Cate x

simmone said...

Wow! I thought that was a colourful snake. Our neighbour has left rubber snakes in his roof to stop pooping pigeons.It's working.

petals and vintage said...

I hate snakes but this one is kind of gorgeous in his own way!
Pam x

vintageandart said...

Just discovered your blog through Selena Lake, after l clicked and landed here,l realised we're almost neighbours, (l'm in Vic. Love your pics and your collections are stunning. l too am always on the lookout for something to add to my stash.Thanks for sharing. Bron.

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