Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Favourites: Lollies of the 70's and 80's

Ok, something a little different this time :)

  • Giant Life savers lollipops , they were huge and delicious. The red ones were the BEST!
  • Paddle pops ; Pink bubblegum and vanilla (also vanilla with a chocolate top)
  • Kool mints and Kool fruits (in the cardboard cylinder and metal lid)
  • Arctic mints
  • Sherberts, milkos, red skins and spearmint sticks
  • Tab soft drink (only one calorie)
  • Melodie pops
  • Pop rocks
  • Lolly gobble bliss bombs
  • Ice creams with a haunted house, a ghost would appear on the wrapper in the window when it was Chocobloks, rocket icypole, barney banana, big choc, iceblocks with the jelly centres.
  • UFO chips
  • Chickadees (chicken type chip)
  • Licorice straps
  • Chocolate fags which replicates real cigarettes
  • Flintstones bars
  • Lolly necklaces
  • Cobbers
  • Clinkers (love the pink ones)
  • Frozen Polly Waffles and frozen mini mars bars...yum

What was your favourite lolly or treat???



Hi Tamara,

How funny that you had me saved as a fav on eBay. Small world, isn't it? I loved cherry Tootsie Pops the best of all (still do!).

Enjoy your weekend,

Heidi said...

I have to say orange tootsie pops but I also loved the astro pops they are very hard to find!
what a sweet post...

Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

Hey Tamara -- Thanks for your nice note! Glad you like the blue mannequin. Stay tuned! xo

Nelly said...

Just found your post and am following,I often think of our old lollies like the Black Cat chewing gum.Choo choo bars (they are avalable again) Marshmallow fried eggs,Malt lollies (from kmart till the early 80s)
Those huge chewing gum sticks cant think of the name now.Spurt chewing gum (yes I liked gum lol)
I am sure I will think of more soon.But they sure tasted better back then

Vincent said...
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Vincent said...

The huge big chewing gum stick was called a "Big Charlie". I had forgotten about most of these lollies, loved the black cats, malt lollies and spurt chewing gum too.

Here are some I remember:
Sherbet tubes with a stick of licorice in them, Whizz FIzz (packets of shrbet?), White Knites, Curls, Salty Plums, musk sticks, Sunny Boys, Razzamataz, little pink lollie pops with clowns faces on the wrappers - tasted like lavender ...

Thanks for the I am hungry.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember specific mixed lollies? I have great memories of battleships, hats, star fish, penguins (black with a white tummy), breads (mini loaves of bread) as well as many of the lollies you can get today - mint leaves, milk bottles, teeth, raspberries etc

Anonymous said...

Battleships, Aussie hats, spooks (similar to a snake but segregated body and funny head) Bright Babies ( A taller version of jelly baby), mini bottles (small brightly coloured bottles), cocktail fruits, caramilk chocolate, pink chocolate.

Unknown said...

Anyone knw who made battleships & hats...allens was popular but quite sure they were favourite especially the purple, loved the texture and how they would go all white around the edge when bitten.

Also quite liked the finely sugar coated fish, and dusted jelly babies. And cant beleive someone remembered the penguins a memory losy. Wasnt there a face that pulled secregated too?

Who remember small pakts of 2 toned chips: Naughts naughts & crosses and Space invaders.

2 toned icecreams with 2 sticks: Take 2 (red ice block & yellow ice cream) and Smurfs (Blue iceblock and white ice cream), Chocolate & Strawberry frozen Snips (loved the crispy/icy side) and cant forget the best icecream ever: BIG TOFF!!! Big toff, that big toffy taste, that big toffy flavour (was the jingle) it was like a double choc (later called feast) except a big chunk of gooey/chewy toffee in place of the choclate centre.

Unknown said...

Battleships and hats they were the best

Unknown said...

God help me! cocktail fruits, kurls ,white knights , choo choo bars, marella jubes, real milk bottles ,cobbas,
and ice cream Triple Treats, Drinks Tristrams in the six sides bottles,
red seal chips. real smiths chips, sunny boys. bon bon lollies,
real boil lollies. hum bugs , bulls eyes and I can go on and on and on,
Why are they gone ? bloody hopeless.
Regards John Constable

Unknown said...

Heya can anyone tell me the name of the marshmallow chocolate coated bar that when u bit into it, it either had a X or O

Unknown said...

Were they called Naughts and Crosses? I've been questioning this too