Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A quick stop at the tip shop

We spent the day in Canberra today. I needed to go to work to sign some papers, then after the kids and I went to the movies to see Marmaduke. It was really funny!

On the way back we took a quick detour to the local tip shop, Tinys Green Shed, at Mugga Lane.

I took a few photos of the treasures that I had to leave behind. Unless the kids were willing to walk home (we live 40 minutes outside of Canberra) there was no way any of it would fit in the car.

I just loved this chair. Even though it is quite stained the fabric is divine! ~$50

Deco club lounge

The Bushells tea chest was cool and the trough was pretty awesome too

Nice metal trunk

Heavy cast iron table base

This is my favourite area, the outside junkers delights

These cubby holes are so popular at the moment

The colours of the filing cabinet are the perfect shade

Best of all I scored this beauty for free! yay!

I did buy a couple items which I will show tomorrow.

Happy junking,



Alicia ~ time worn style said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Tamara! Wow that tip shop looks like a treasure trove, bet you find some lovlies there on a regular basis!

Annie said...

Hi Tamara, thanks for visiting my blog it is much appreciated. Your tip shop looks great, we have similar here but nothing on that scale. I love the little violet covered chocolate box in your previous post, just the sort of thing I would go for and a bargain too. Your makeover on the mannequin is brilliant, such a good idea.
Ann x

vintage mum said...

Hi just popped over from the uk
I love to see what other bloggers find, i could spend all day in that tip shop :}
nice to meet you
Cate x

ChiPPy-SHaBBy said...

Greetings Tamara... LoVe the Large Galvanized Bin!*!*! Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!