Thursday, July 15, 2010

What I did buy

Hi, I'm back with the photos of the couple of items I did manage to fit in the boot yesterday. Small cream painted shelf, a red deco wooden cutlery box and a vintage wicker paper basket: total $10

The finer details:

Lovely peg details on the side

Original chippy red and cream paint

70's wallpaper lining...the dirt was free :)

Picked up these today,

Flower Beauty floral frogs in original box $2, Woods 'Rose Bower' plate $4, vintage barkcloth bag $0.50.

German play $1 and the Simplicity pattern for $0.20. I am going to attempt to sew mini- me a top for summer. I don't sew so it may be very interesting.

Update: Whoa....I just checked out the sewing pattern, it is more difficult than I had expected, it has a yoke and everything..he he...and I had actually picked up a large breast sized pattern and what the heck are 'Chubbies'? .........looks like mini-me might be wearing a pillow slip with arm holes.....Signing off after a good laugh........



Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hello Tamara (without the 'h').... :o) !

THANK YOU for your lovely note on Tuesday....!! I'm afraid I'm way behind with my reading at the moment but wanted to let you know I was CHUFFED that you had taken the time to pop in....!!

I've cleared the deck this evening & plan on sitting back with a glass or two of chardy to read your lovely blog....!!

I've added you to my lists so I can keep an eye on you....hahahahaha....NO escaping now.... :o) !!

Love love LOVE your littel red cuttlery box & chippy white shelf....ALL of the items you've shown are pieces I would have snapped up in a heart beat....!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)