Friday, July 16, 2010

Do you like my potato cupboard?

Storage has been a problem in our kitchen. We have a free standing kitchen, reminiscent of Edwardian times and befitting the era of our house. We ripped out the old 1970's chipboard kitchen a few years back and are slowing making progress....well there are still patches in the ceiling that need fixing and painting to be done....

Last week I bought this amazing meatsafe/kitchenette with original green and cream chippy paint. The bottom cupboard is perfect for keeping our potatoes....yep they really are in there :) T


Annie said...

Love your cupboard , the paint is wonderful, the little shelf in your previous post is really pretty too.
Ann x

vintage mum said...

Thats just what I need somewhere to put my potatoes good idea
Have a good weekend
Cate x

vintage mum said...

thanks for stopping by I will have to point you in all the right directions :)

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Tamara I ADORE your cupboard....SERIOUSLY it's the PERFECT green with the PERFECT patina PERFECT everything....hmmmmmm....Maybe we could arrange a swap....hahahahahaha.... :o) !!

I also LOVE the little pink metal tulip you have leaning up against the cupboard....I used to find those all the time in the Hard Rubbish but they're a little thin on the ground these days....I was lucky enough not so long ago to find 5 x white ones at the Market for a TINY $2.50 each & they live in a galvinised bucket on a stool near the telly....!!

Well lovey I must 'away'....I hope you have a LOVELY weekend & I look forward to your next post....!

Tamarah :o)