Sunday, August 4, 2013

Speedwell Fury

This year was supposed to be the year of the caravan - the caravan is yet to be started -  instead it's turned out to be the year of the dragster.

A couple of years back C. bought his first dragster at a local swap meet and he has been collecting and restorating them ever since. In all he has well over 12 bikes + frames. At present we have one bike in the loungeroom, two in the kitchen, one in the laundry along with the additional frames - these are just the better ones in the house!

One of his favourite bikes is his Mk 2 Raleigh Chopper. His next projects include a Raleigh Dominator he recently bought and a Mk 2 Chopper prismatic frame which he just purchased from England. He is also on the lookout for a Sears Screamer.

Here is his blurb of his latest ready to ride Speedwell Fury - with before and after photos.

Speedwell were a Sydney bike company similar to Malvern Star (Melbourne based) both were eventually bought by Raleigh. You don't see them around much. The main Speedwell bikes were Mustang and the Fury. Instead of Sturmey Archer it has Shimano bits also features a rear disc brake. I don't know why they did that it was very hard to source a threaded hub for the disc.

 Here are a few pictures of the restoration. 


Its good to have a hobby ;)


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Wow....that bike is AWESOME!!! The Captain was very impressed!

Kylie said...

And what an awesome job he did Tam!
(although he owes it all to you, his patient wifey for letting him keep them in the house! I would find that, shall we say, a tad challenging)
My dragster had the same flower-power seat as this one had before your husband worked his magic on it.
I want to see your caravan!!!

vintageandart said...

That's INCREDIBLE Tam, l can't believe it's the same bike. Honestly l'm gobsmacked....though l have to agree with Kylie you're VERY patient letting him have them inside:-))

Justjen said...

What an awesome job he's done! I had an orange dragster with the same floral seat too. Hubby must love American Pickers, with Mike having the same obsession.

Ashley cramp said...

Oh my goodness superb restoration I am calling my other half in to have a look right now....
love your pendant too
bestest daisy x

simmone said...

Awww, I loved the flower power seat, I guess a male wouldn't though,amazing job he's done. We have scooters, a bike and beach boards in the kids TV room, so it seems quite normal to us for you to have bikes indoors, ha.