Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sometimes I can't help myself!

I know most women have a thing for shoes, I don't have that many pairs, but when I saw these shoes I REALLY had to have them. They are small, French and the prefect colour. Mr APT thought I was mad, spending money on shoes I couldn't wear, but I said I will wear them on my fingers..hehe

They were originally from a French male boudoir doll. I could just picture him with white stockings, a silk jacket and white wig.  I love the lace trim and tiny buckles.

What have you bought lately that you just had to have?

Enjoy your weekend and the school holidays if you have them. Bye for now, Tamara x


Hesta Nesta said...

They are gorgeous Tam I can see why you had to buy them. My weakness is antique mannequins, I have bought three lately!! Have a wonderful weekend.
Jo xxx

theromanticrose said...

Che meraviglia queste scarpe!Da fiaba!Baci,Rosetta

vintageandart said...

Tam, l'm with woman in her right mind could leave them behind, they're sublime. l wish l could come shopping with you, you find the best stuff EVER.

Catherine said...

Hi Tam, aren't they fabulous. What are they covered in...looks like a course velvet? I adore the colour too! And very nicely displayed : ) Hope the hols are going well for you. Very wet here this week, so not much gardening getting done! Much love Catherine x0x0x

Justjen said...

They are amazing, how could anyone not bring them home - a real treasure!

Vintage Jane said...

Oh my goodness, they are so beautiful! What a fabulous find. M x