Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Powerpuff Girl Mad!

Hi, thanks for the warm welcome back. Its been nice to hear from you all.

I just wanted to show you a few pictures that India has been drawing in photoshop - all drawn with the mouse. Lately she's obsessed with the Powerpuff Girls - you know the ones, saving the world before bedtime? Bubbles is her favourite, can you tell?

It's hard to believe that she just turned 9!

Thanks for stopping by. xx


vintageandart said...

India's a seriously talented girl Tam and what a beautiful supportive Mum you are...encouraging and supportive all the way...Tell India my absolute fave is the powder puff on the tightrope...cos somehow she's (cleverly) made her look nervous.

Vintage Jane said...

A talented girl ... just like her mum! M !

Lyndel said...

oh great drawings! yes, I had a 9yr old PowerPuff fan here a few years ago. Things not so good here at home lately, Vic's deteriorating rapidly, but I keep busy ebaying, yarnbombing and knitting... not much happening collectables wise, didnt sell much at that Market, but will give it another go some time soon. L x

simmone said...

Clever girl, now that's a lot of work.