Friday, November 30, 2012

Thank you Lovely Ladies!

A bit of housekeeping before I wow you with my most recent finds. Its also the Queanbeyan Swap Meet tomorrow, so maybe a few more things may be added to the list.

I have met some lovely people - as I am sure you all have too - through my blog, and I have to say a big thank you to the following people for the special gifts that I have received in the mail.

Sorry this is a super long post as I have been super slack!

When we went to England last year (I can't believe the last year has gone so fast) we stayed at an amazing place called  Farleigh Wood, Tellisford, Somerset. Here we met Bella in person in a fleeting moment as we turned down the wrong path to the cottage that we were staying in. Bella and her family own the accommodation, which is just across the way from one of the white horse chalk carvings and near the Farleigh Hungerford Castle. After we arrived home, I discovered that Bella is a amazing artist and has a blog also. Bella kindly sent me some of her artwork and some yummy parma violets. You can find updated on Bella artworks here. Thanks Bella!

Gorgeous cards and wooden bunny hanging
The prefect addition to my owl collection
Bella painted this weather vane in Bradford on Avon (the loveliest place on earth). I remarked that we have the same one on our garden shed
Our weather vane, aging nicely.
Bella's attention to detail is just amazing

I also received some gorgeous stamps from another lovely Somerset blogger, Vintage Jane. She always find that most amazing pieces and travels to the local markets to sell her wares. I purchased some special gifts last year from her for a friends wedding, they were just lovely. Thank you M, x

I am sure that many of you know Kylie, Lucy Violet Vintage, if you don't then you had better scoot on over and say hello! Kylie is the opposite to me, she like mid century modern, clean lines and little clutter. My favourite period is Victorian with lots of clutter..haha. Kylie knows that I also like shell figures and this little parcel arrives a few weeks back. Thank you Kylie :)

One of Kylies handmade cards!
This guy made me laugh out loud..haha
The creepy shell doll Kylie posted about, actually she is smaller and nicer in person.
A card organiser to add to the collection
Yay! my own notebook..have to keep it hidden from India, the queen of paper! and a gorgeous table cloth

Another big thank you to Vintage Bird Girl, we share a love of birds and vintage finds. She wears the most amazing vintage dresses ever! You may even know that her favourite colour is green. Its also nice to receive a message or two on my facebook page, thanks Leisa :)

The sweetest card
Don't you just love the recycled book illustration wrapping paper
These are so cute! I even managed to find a home for these in my kitchen!
India just loves this fox. She is desperate to have her own room and is collecting pictures to decorate the walls.
Did you make it to the end??

Blog land can be a really nice place with lots of nice people. Thank you!!!


Kylie said...

Gosh Tam, your house must be like a museum! Look at all that lovely old stuff you've got! Wow! And it's all beautiful. Even though I like my 'clean lines' I still appreciate a bit of clutter. I'm torn actually. I need two houses - one to fill to the brim with treasures, the other, stripped bare. Lotto dreams. And YOU'RE the lovely lady btw x

Unknown said...

Wow what wonderful goodies i agree with you bloggers are truely lovely souls. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy all your lovely things, dee x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Bloggers are wonderful! So are you, I just adore your jewellery and your taste in Victoriana, I love it too, love a bit of clutter! Bella is a fantastic artist, everything she does is so magical. Vintage Jane has a wonderful eye too. I love all the art work they sent you, I have two of those little dogs with the bow ties, how weird!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm so glad you've had these lovely things sent your way. You deserve it for being so super special! I love the owl collection & the weather vane is gorgeous! That shell doll sure is creepy! Oh & I'm drooling over your card box collection. Aren't they beautiful! Xx

simmone said...

A lovely thoughtful post Tam.