Thursday, November 8, 2012

Does your carpet make you want to Bongo?

I found a Christmas edition of Woman and Home magazine, dated 1964, at the annual church sale. What a better way to follow on from the retro cook off than posting some retro home styling.

Doesn't your Axminster carpet make you want to move?
Lamtex, the perfect bongo pad
Hmm, does this blue work with my painting?
Kossett, when grass just will not do!
Which carpet tickles your fancy??


vintageandart said... your retro post, reminds me of my childhood home, LOTS of orange and plenty of carpet...mind you we never had lots of guys in white pants doing their groove in our lounge, it might have been fun, though l bet all that bouncing would have bumped the record needle so much the records would have been ruined....hehe!!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

My childhood home had orange & black shag-pile carpet. Unfortunately it also had fleas thanks to our cats! The cat in the last pic made me laugh....looks like it's wearing a weird fur skirt or something! I do love the blue carpet pic too. Xx

Kylie said...

I love everything in the 'blue' pic Tam. Lamp and fabric most especially. What a great find and just a little bit older than me!
And I adore vintage Axminster, if we ever bought a house with it in situ I would never ever pull it up!

polkadotpeticoat said...

What a funpost....the green shag for sure!

vintage mum said...

I love the bongo rug shame I can't play
cate x

Flotsam said...

At last, someone who recognises my need for a bongo pad. I can bin my Axminster at last :)

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love those colours, I'm guessing food and drink stains don't show up on the blue and green ones which is a pro. That bongo mat is so high. I want it so I can invite my beatnik friends round for some jazz improv