Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Its been ages.......

Wow, its been ages since I did my last post. Thanks to those that have checked in with me to see if I was still here!

The markets went really well and I have booked into the Christmas Markets in December. I have made a few Christmas pieces so it will be interesting to see how they do.

I am enjoying a week off, well 12 days actually, from work.  If I do little more than read a good book I will be very happy. Work is doing my head in.....

Between work and my jewellery I have very little to report, but I have managed to find a few treasures that I would like to share with you.

A shell owl sits happily with the shell dog....why do I love these so?

Don't worry Mrs Forshaw, your trophies are safe with me.....1930's trophies

Interesting Instant Coffee jar

1930's Japanese Geraniumware to add to the collection

Blimey Christmas is just around the corner..are you thinking about it yet????

Love old mesh food cover, this is a nice small size

Original Clowns oil painting for the Mr's Clown collection

Groovy 1960's cat tapestry

Another vintage mannequin...love 'em
I hope you are all well.  We have a few car boot sales and swap meets coming up soon. Oh, I should also mention that I am now a year older, not sure about wiser and we have celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary...its all been happening. The Mr's birthday is in a couple of weeks, I am planning to hire him a Segway to ride around Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra....yes he is a nerd, but a loveable one.

 Hello to my newest followers :)


vintageandart said...

Welcome back Tam and hope you get to do nothing but relax and enjoy your time off work...congrats on becoming a year older and also for your 12th anniversary..and they said it wouldn't last hahaha...sounds like your jewellery is going well which is awesome...definitely NOT thinking about Christmas yet,but guess we'll have to soon..Hope your man has a fantastic birthday...l just had to google segway as l'd never heard of them...but went to images and l HAVE seen them around....look like a lot of fun though l think exertion will be required...l'd go for a boat.
Have a great rest of your week.

*Maristella* said...

Ma quante belle cose riesci a trovare nella tua terra...qui ormai non c'è più nulla!
Un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

Kylie said...

How hilarious Tam, your husband on a Segway! Brilliant!
Gorgeous stuff you've found lately. All of it (except the clown - sorry)
I've got some of those Santa's and bought some new (vintage) Chrissy decs at the oppy just this morning.
I love those shell animal thingies too (I also wonder why...)
Finally I've spotted something I can send you - A Geranium afternoon tea platter. Yippee! I've had it for ages, it's gorgeous, but not really me. So if it's okay with you I'll pop it in the post. (Don't say NO)
I would love to have a sticky beak around your home Tam, it looks crammed full to the brim with treasure.
Take care, nice to see you back again, and try to hang-in-there re work x

Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Hello Tam, lovely to see you back and to see your fabulous new treasures! Sending hugs your way.

Vintage Jane said...

Hey Tam ... I have just found some time to do some blog catch up and wanted to thank you so much for my award from a month back. Sorry I haven't seen it before now.
Hope things have settled down for you a bit now. I do know how you feel - sometimes I feel that my life is all work, like last night when I got home from work at 8pm and finally went to bed at 11.30pm after doing all my home chores, realising that I had not even sat down. It's so hard to find a balance but we have to sometimes - I hope you are enjoying life too, and please don't stop blogging. I love reading about all your makes and finds. Anyway, hope you really enjoy your week off this week and manage to recharge your batteries.
So glad your jewellery went down well at the markets. When you put so much creative effort into making something it's always a wonderful feeling when it sells well isn't it? M xx

simmone said...

Happy Birthday Tam!Very cute shell animals,I'm with Kylie,love them all except the clowns (must be a boy thing?)Trying to swipe the trophies from my dad's shed,they'd look nice in my lounge room. Don't show me a mannequin,I'm still wondering why I gave one away.Hope the holidays are good for your lot.

Deborah said...

Happy birthday sweetie! Gorgeous things as always Tam love the mannequin, I want one too! Hope you are all keeping well :)

Bee happy x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

hurrah - you're back! You've bought some wonderful things - I love the shell owl and shell dog and the geraniumware!! Hope your time off work is restful!

Flotsam said...

Congratulations on your birthday Tamara. I hope you had a good one.

It has indeed been ages since you last post and I am saddened to hear work is getting to be a bore. If we enjoyed it too much we wouldn't get paid! :)

My first thought when reading your post about Christmas markets was how cold you might be; and then I remembered you are on the flipside of us. How wonderful to have summer to look forward to. Wish I was there.

nancyworegreenstockings said...

I just found your blog via vintage bird girl and when I saw your shell figures I just had to comment! I found my very first one last week, having never seen one before and they are just the weirdest, neatest things. Mine is some lovely little pink lady but I'm totally smitten with your poodle.

A Treasured Past said...

@nancyworegreenstockings Hi, its nice to meet you and thank you for following.

Aren't they just the funniest, amazing little things. I have a few now, and will post some that Kylie sent me in the next post. The poodle is my favourite though.