Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr ATP

The kids and I had something special planned for Carl's birthday this year. Being the self-proclaimed King of the Nerds, he has always wanted a Segway. We knew that we had to hire a segway for a ride around Lake Burley Griffin on a beautiful sunny morning.

He was sweating it all week, wondering what his surprise was going to be. I said, "you have to wear comfortable shoes",  so he instantly thought rock climbing and was not looking forward to wearing the harness.....hehe.

Then I mentioned that he had to do it by himself (the kids were too young to ride the segways) and others would be there too.  I  hinted that it was a play titled 'Little Drummer Boy'......pa rum pum pum pum....which he hates.

The kids did well to keep the secret and were excited to see his face when all was revealed!

Safety first..haha

A quick lesson
Like a pro
Off they go
I would like to dedicate the following song to the Carl on his birthday....it cracks me up EVERY time I hear it. Enjoy!


Catherine said...

Love the video!! Classic! Happy birthday Carl. Ooh Rob's always banging on about segways. ( but they are still soooo ugly!!.. not to nerd kings I guess!!) Fun plan & good on the kids for keeping " Mum" x0x0x

Kylie said...

So did you and the kids run along beside him Tam?

I showed this post to Anthony and his response was along the lines of "don't you ever organise anything like this for my birthday!" No fun, that man! Ha-ha! Me on the other hand, I'd love a turn.

Happy birthday Carl x

vintageandart said...

Hahahaha...LOVED that clip, l'm sure it cracked Carl up too..so sorry l didn't get here in time to wish him a happy birthday...but please wish him one now from me won't you... even if it is a bit late...hope he enjoyed the segway, and that he wasn't traumatised TOO badly by your "little drummer boy gag"!!