Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Treasured Past in now on Facebook

What a  gorgeous day it has turned out to be...the sun is shining, the birds are chirping. I hope it is as lovely in your part of the world as it is here.

This is just a quick post to let you know that I now have a dedicated facebook page to showcase my stamp jewellery. Here you will find my newest creations, and the markets dates that I will be attending. I wanted to separate the jewellery from my everyday blog so that I do not bore you all to death, if I have not already!

The page is set up as a brand, I am not a business, so I didn't want to set it up as one. The capabilities of my page are different to an everyday user account, so I am unable add friends or search for others.

Please don't leave me hanging in cyberspace. You are able to 'like' my page to receive updates on your wall if you have an account. I have one 'like' already but that is the Mr so it doesn't count..haha

I have a link to the page on the sidebar or you can click on the link below:

Enjoy the lovely weekend, Tam x


polkadotpeticoat said...

I like.....your page looks fabulous!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm so delighted to be your second official liker on FB. Your jewellery range looks fabulous. I wish you much success in the days ahead! Xx

vintageandart said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying a beautiful day there's pretty good here too. The birds are singing, the trees are singing (TedEBear joke.. hehe). A great idea to open a facebook page..l went over for a visit but couldn't "like" anything cos l'm not on facebook..bummer. All your jewellery is awesome Tam and l don't know how you could think your wonderful creativity could ever be thought of as boring...Enjoy a wonderful rest of the weekend.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'm of to stalk you there xx