Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Collections: Religionalia

It feels like ages since my last post. I have been engrossed in tracing back our family tree. My mother always thought that her grandmother was an orphan but she was happy when I discovered the name of her father and his father before him. I also discover that we are descendants of convicts on the other side. Mum doesn't want us too dig too deep, she is worried what we might find..haha

Anyho..back the the real world. As promised here are some photos of the Mr's growing religious memorabilia collection.

The Mr's side of the bed, more pieces dotted between the clowns and Super Grover, of course.

The sweetest gift arrived from Kylie in the mail. Isn't the reindeer card sweet? Thank you Kylie, we love it.

Thanks for stopping by, Tam x


vintageandart said...

Ohh...What can l say, l LOVE your mans' particular the Mary with the headless Jesus (and rosary) and the vintage Mary postcard. Got such a chuckle out of Mr's bedside table...where does the alarm clock go l wonder??
How clever of you to dig up the family skeletons hehe, family history can be so interesting can't it.
Kylies pressie is perfect....a year of blessings for you all.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Between your Hubby and Kylie I don't know how there is any religious memorabilia left! My Aunt has done the family history back to the 1700's. xx

*Maristella* said...

Hi Tamara. Innanzitutto Buon 2012 anche a te ed alla tua famiglia!!
Che meraviglia questi oggetti antichi religiosi, anch'io li adoro da impazzire, io e mio marito ne abbiamo parecchie di queste la scatolina (box)con il cottage mi fa innamorare Lovely!!
Un abbraccio forte forte, *Maristella*.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Wow - that's quite a collection, but it looks good all grouped together. Console yourself with the fact that many people did not receive proper justice in those days and lots of innocent people were wrongly convicted!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Kylie said...

This will come as no surprise to you Tam, but I'll tell you anyway: I love your collection. It is wonderful and I am very envious but also glad to know that I'm not the only crazy out there who loves the stuff.

The statue of Mary carrying a headless baby Jesus is particularly swoon-worthy as are the two Sacred Heart of Jesus statues. I'd love a nice big plaster statue like those, but the ones I've found have been too pricey. I did find a lovely plaster bust of J.C. the other day, but I still hankering for a nice big statue!

Thanks for sharing x

p.s. when Anth gets home I'm going to show him your husband's bed-side table...he hates my religionalia...he tolerates it, but only just!

Unknown said...

My mother became interested in the family tree after her mother died. She went back to the 17th C. but I was not that interested. We are all related if one goes back far enough!

I would not worry about finding convicts in the family. People were transported for all sorts of things which today would not even be considered a crime. Anyway, it is good to hear a bit of spice in the mix every so often. All good can be boring!

Deborah said...

I just adore your collection, it is so hard to find these bits and pieces over here in the UK and believe me I have been looking! :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

vintage mum said...

Hi Tam so pleased you like the decoration it was supposed to arrive by Christmas.

I went to a catholic convent school statues everywhere, I didn't know they were so prized :)
I did buy rosary beads though last Summer do they count?
Cate x

Ava said...

I love religious collectibles, particularly the Catholic statues and pictures. Always so beautiful xx

Unknown said...

I love your religious collection, very sweet indeed!
I think you should dig deeper...I think your family history is really interesting!!
Chris :o)