Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What you can make with a jumble of letters!

Sometimes the word verification spits out the most amazing jumble of letters, I was a bit taken aback when I saw this one..hahaha

Would you believe that there is a definition for this word in Urban Dictionary, Lordy! I think you can guess the meaning.

Have a vagical..I mean magic day :)


petals and vintage said...

Ha!! I have seen some interesting ones for sure but this one.....hmmmmmm!!

Have a lovely day Tamara. Pam x

nato said...

Hi Tamara,
thanks for adding me in your circle.
We blog girls should stick together.
Hope for all the best.

Unknown said...

Yikes!!! LOL!!
Have a great week!
Chris :o)

the old boathouse said...

That is unbelievable, even more so that there is a meaning...I feel very old. Too funny! xx Katherine. PS can't wait for the housewives wrap up of the series, looks like it will be a goodin xx