Thursday, May 5, 2011

Matchbox Shadowbox

A fun little project for a rainy day.

Take a few matchbox trays, cover the inside back with vintage wallpaper, pretty paper, vintage sheet music or even dress patterns and adorn each with a little trinket. This can be anything..a broken hair clip, a part of a toy, diamante brooch, favourite button..the possibilities are endless.

Add some glitter and glue each component together. Its best to do this in a few stages, so that they stay together easier. We glued together three pieces at a time, held with pegs until dry, then pieced together with another three and so on.

Attach a ribbon as a hanger, either by glue or by mini pegs as I have done. Voila...A fun, cheap and cheery shadow box to brighten up your day. The best part is the shadow box can be as small (one piece) or as large as you like.

Happy crafting :) Tam

p.s. can you tell which ones India made??


carol at home said...

Oh sweet, love the little vintage Bambi's

the old boathouse said...

This is wonderful, I love it. A small one wouldbe good for the doll's house don't you think? I am guessing mybe the one with the I India made maybe, the all work really well together. cheers Katherine

Kimmie said...

Love this idea!

Lyndel said...

oh Tamara, that's great! I saw the first pic and thought, oh yeah, a cute little box.. but when I saw them all together...OH MY!!! they look terrific. Do you have pleanty of old music to cut up? I have a stash if you need some, got it from the rubbish at an op shop one day... lots!! drop me a line if you need some. ~ L

*Maristella* said...

Hi Tamara. Davvero originali e molto simpatiche queste nuove creazioni...complimenti!!
Un caro saluto e buon lavoro, *Maristella*.

A Treasured Past said...


Hi Lyndel,

that is super sweet, thank you.