Friday, April 1, 2011

Great Idea! and a Winner :)

Taken from the Country Living magazine (US Edition), February 2011.

This is too good not to share. How fabulous is this idea?

I can see it now, gift tags, Xmas tags..I am sure there will be an increase in the free colour paint swatches walking out the door!

Now for the winner of the Easter Giveaway......Congratulations '
The Joyful Thrifter'...little Ice Hoppades will happily coming your way soon!!!!


Lyndel said...

Oh my gr'daughter (11) has been collecting paint samples for ages. She loves all the aqua colours best (why she loves your blog page), and has them as bookmarks, tags, and just in a box for safe keeping.♥

carol at home said...

What a brilliant idea, thanks for sharing it.

Catherine said...

Hello Tamara, yes, yes, yes, we collect things just because too. Rob just found the most fab old camping washing line thingy (you might know if they have a real name) this week at the op shop. It has dowl arms that go out like an umbrella & can be packed down again..just because it's sooo cool & vintage & clever. You are reminding me with all of your wonderful dolls house stuff that I loved dolls houses as a child & making miniature gardens with wee bridges & moss & stuff. Love your perfect bits & pieces. Thanks for the paint sample tip..mmm cheaper than luggage tags ; ) Much love Catherine