Sunday, April 3, 2011

Goulburn Swap Meet 2011

Well another Goulburn Swap Meet has come and gone. We only did a quick whip around this year as Mr T had to get back to watch the footy at 2pm. (Knights 18 - St George 20; my lucky charm doesn't seem to be working)

My little treasured finds; Chippy green stool, vintage doiley holder, mother cup, vintage union jack postcard, vintage shop cards (same as my lolly jar found at the Milton Swap last year) and a moth eaten chocolate box.

The chocolate box was holding some old postcards and I was able to buy it for 50 cents!

Commemorative George V medallion (1920-1935), lead pencil holder with bluebird holding a little letter in its beak, and my fav find...a little composition sheep.

Vintage Fred Flintstone push toy (came with 1 inch free joke..Mr T said he would never complain about our dust again), and a little tin chicken (not old).

Chalkware/plaster lady.

The kids bought a beaded spider each, even though we have a million red back spiders in the shed.

As the weekend draws to a end, I hope you had a lovely one.


petals and vintage said...

Umm Tamara just wondering where you are going to put all of these great treasures? Love the redbacks.

Pam x

ladychiara said...

Great finds Tamara. I love the little stool and the bluebird pencil holder.(I love bluebirds) The kids could hang their spiders on the Christmas tree. Are you familiar with the legend of the Christmas spider?
Helen :)

A Treasured Past said...

@Bayside Rose Would you believe that all the treasures have found a home, easy when they are only small.

A Treasured Past said...

@ladychiaraHi Helen, yes, its a great story isn't it. India's kindergarten play was the Christmas spiders. She was a cat.

I love bluebirds too.

Nelly said...

Love your finds and I do love spider things like that.Those would make great brooches or hair clips i bet

*Maristella* said...

My god...Tamara!
Che meraviglia la Crinoline faccio la collezione..mi fanno impazzire!!
Un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

Heidi said...

I could see my kids all over those spiders to, you found some amazing that stool!

the old boathouse said...

Hey Tamara, not on subject but just realised you are a fan of the "Housewives" series and the Bethanny too..BIG guilty pleasure ha. Can't wait for the new B series starting soon...will be thinking of you when I watch now ha ha, cheers Katherine

the old boathouse said...

Hey again, I am a big fan of the New York and then Orange County haven't got into the others. Have been wanting to watch the Essex show but keep forgeting. I have just discovered you can go into foxtel and get things you have missed for free into your planner...I will investigate ha. I also love Relocation reclocation did you notice a new aussie series is about to start with good old Phil again, but I don't think it is the same without Kirsty, xx Katherine Ps you may wish i never discovered you are a fan of the same shows as me one else I know likes them (or admits to liking them ha) I wish we could watch together so I could have someone to laugh with ha.

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

....hahahahahaha....Tamara you're TERRIBLE....Redback spiders indeed....**wink** :o) !!!

LOVE your finds....If I'd been there we would have to wrestle or 'rose sam boed' each other....hahahahaha....!!

Tamarah xx

Anonymous said...

I was at that swap meet, we probably crossed paths! Love the postcard find, I envy your collection my minions would destroy such fun in my house - so for now I watch (green) from a far, and leave a face print on antique shop windows ;) Goulburn has lots of antique shops to taunt me too!