Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chippy Bathroom Cabinet

Forgetting that the annual Country Muster was on this weekend, we headed to our favourite local cafe (Bardy's) for breakfast. It was near impossible to get a park (we could have walked but it is so humid that I would have turned into a puddle so we decided to drive). It has been so hot here all week (average 37 degrees C), with thunderstorms and lots of rain and the humidity has been unbearable. Looking forward to cooler change tomorrow.

I think I inherited my dads sweat glands. In summer he always has a drip of sweat falling from the tip of his nose and hot feet...thanks dad. Why didn't I inherit your skinny legs (you could cut a loaf of bread with his shin bones) hehehe.

Anyway, the Rotary fair was on and Mr T found this cute corner cabinet at one of the stalls.....see it isn't just me. It is perfectly chippy and will be great when we finally get around to renovating our bathroom.

Have a great weekend, T


Tara said...

Love the cabinet..This weather is YUk!!!!

Lyndel said...

Oh I love love love it !! Was hot and steamy in Melbourne yesterday, then it rained all night and now is actually COLD. I put a 2nd (long sleeve) Tshirt on just an hour ago.

Nelly said...

Love it too and arent you lucky to have a hubby in the know (wish wish here)
Crazy weather here too and as one who rarely sweats I have sure been making up for it lately.My hubby on the other hand sweats all the time.

*Maristella* said...

Hi che bello questo piccolo armadietto!! Shabby-chic....รจ meraviglioso!!
Io ti auguro una bella domenica, *Maristella*.

vintage mum said...

Great shape it's so hard to find anything like that here now unless you pay well. We also have funny weather.

the old boathouse said...

It is such a great shape...well done! cheers Katherine

ted and bunny said...

oh my kinda cabinet DEFINITELY! Love it!
have a good week

simmone said...

What a great find,so quirky I love it. Youv'e trained him well!

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

That little cabinet is adorable! Great find!