Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big and Small

I am still accumulating bits and bobs for the Dolls House. Its amazing the little things you can buy. Its great because our house is full so I can buy all the things that I like in miniature at a fractional of the price. Well, that being said, I can't afford a $100 chandelier!!

I found this fab mini linen covered mannequin on Ebay and just had to make some rosary beads to adorn it, just like the one next to my bed. I have amassed quite a few rosaries haven't I (and there are more).

I was amazed to see that you can't find doll house rosary beads so I had to make my own (string, a few tiny beads and a rose stem crucifix).

I know....I am insane!


Lyndel said...

NO not insane, committed, passionate, extraordinary, not insane! That is so cute, I love that it was linen covered and not the tacky all over pink and crystal and overdecorated ones you see for jewellery stands. Some of them are just so OTT. [however, some are nice too]. Keep doing what you are doing, ..

A Treasured Past said...

@LyndelHi Lyndel, thank you for the reassurance. I know what you mean about tacky, there surely is alot. But I am only selecting things that I would have in my 'real' house.

Nelly said...

I think its lovely as well and I love the mini mannequin

Kimmie said...


Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh I LOVE your MINI MANI & rosaries Tamara....Just DIVINE you clever girl....And I AGREE with Lyndel....Committed....Passionate & EXTRAORDINARY....!

Cheers for now,
Tam xx