Saturday, January 22, 2011

Y's Buys

G'day! Contrary to what was explained on the Oprah show when she visited Australia, I actually do say g'day...alot :) I also say 'thanks mate! ' too. Well, now that's out of the way, I will show you a few things I picked up yesterday.

We needed our brakes fixed in the car, so we booked in at the ACT Brakes, in Belconnen, so that we could go to the movies and do a bit of shopping too. We popped into Y's Buys , Weedon Close Belconnen, on the way to the mall.

Mr Naggie Maggie was with me though and he was saying, "where are you going to put it" and "aren't we saving money?" Well, as it happens, we did save money because the brakes didn't cost too much :) and phewt what does he know :)....he is also going buying a new PlayStation Game in a few weeks so he couldn't complain too much.

We also went to see 'Tangled'....I know we only ever see kids movies :) I think the last adult movie we saw was Silent Hill and that was in 2006! I always get a little teary, its the stupid music and the sentimental bits that they put at the end. I have to be careful though, each time that Kade sits near me, he watches like a hawk in the sad bits and says quite loudly, 'Mum is crying again!"

Huge Edwardian pitcher and basin set. Also picked up the matching soap holder (not shown). I love anything with birds on it.

Hard to find ceramic jelly mould in a small size. I have a collection of these too, which I will show one day.

Edwardian Jardiniere

Vintage clothes hangers, these I also collect when I find them (another post).

Mac Robertson chocolate box.

I was going to post last night but my Inari that I had for lunch was saying I-NO-i and I had the worst belly ache all night :( ps Tracy, don't buy the Sushi from Sushi World down stairs in the new bit :(

Be good and have a great weekend :)


vintage mum said...

I love sushi but that could rather put you off.
The basin set is nice I must post a pic of mine for you,enjoy the weekend
Cate x

Nelly said...

Wow what great finds love them all.
Crying ? yep sounds like me at at he drop of a hat and yep kids used to and GrandKids do watch to see if I am crying and usually am.Sad or happy crying is me.Kids think I must be comforted when I cry at movies (Titanic is one of the worse offenders for my emo self) lol Freaking sooky lala I am.