Saturday, January 29, 2011

Making Some Miniatures Of Our Own

India and I have been making a few little miniatures for the dolls house. I wanted to add some old photos because we have some displayed in our house (see last photo in this post).

Instead of shrinking down some photos, we searched through our magazines to find photos displayed in peoples home which would be about the right size. We carefully cut each picture out and pasted it to some backing cardboard destined for the recycle bin and let them dry overnight.

Today India painted this little bookcase cream. I blu-tacked each picture into position until we were happy and then replace each with a thin line of PVA glue. They are still standing, so hopefully it won't be too winding in the little house.

We also made a few of our favourite magazines. We cut out the little thumbnail of the magazine that they have in the front pages of the real magazine. Again, we pasted these onto some cardboard. I glued three together to place on a coffee table etc.

Above are the three little things we made today. The little stool/table was painted white and the top was cut from a picture of a wooden crate.

Above are the photos displayed in our 'real' hallway.

We are waiting on some wall paper and wood before we touch the house. But I have bought a few things already; teeny tiny seed packets, some books, pennant flags (this is homage to Mr T who collects these in real life) and some garden bits. We were initially going to make the house at 1:16 scale but decided on the 1:12 scale as the there is so much more available.

Our wish list includes:
Flamingo for the garden, cream Aga stove, Butlers sink, roll top bath, chesterfield lounge, vintage style clothes hangers...the list goes on. Lucky our doll house will only have 4 rooms :)

Tomorrow is the Bungendore Show. Hopefully I will get a few photos to show you...we will definitively buy a Bertie Beetle showbag (small Australian chocolate with tiny pieces of honeycomb mixed in) favourite!

p.s. Cate @ Vintage Mum just sent me a link to some free downloads including wall paper, household packaging, chocolate boxes etc:


Nelly said...

Wow that so cool I really cant wait to do one now.You both must be having a great bonding time.

vintage mum said...

Fantastic I love it always wanted to do a dolls house.

I use a lot of dolls house paper in my boxes go and have a look at it's full of stuff to print for free.
sorry the link didn't work
cate x

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Guys, thanks for the encouragement...I must admit it has been fun so far! Thanks for the link Cate, I will check them out. Tam

A Treasured Past said...

OMG Cate! I just visited the site...the packaging is spectacular..especially the little quality street box!! That will keep us going for the next year :)

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

Have just been back through you blog posts that i have missed and have had a lovely old time. That little dog is SO adorable in that photo! Love the bird jug and basin set, so gorgeous and a bargain too. And bertie beetles, say no more, could eat a whole bag. Glad to hear of an Aussie that actually says G'day too!!!
alicia :0)

Gracie's Cottage said...

What fun...and I adore those little magazines - great idea!


Annie said...

Your miniature creations are amazing, I find dolls houses fascinating. You are so clever creating the tiny photos and magazines.
Ann x

Catherine said...

Delightful! What a fun rewarding project. Maybe after the boys have finished using our doll's house to park their cars in I might get to "do it up" with wee Nina my sweet niece. Ooh those pictures & mags are so clever! Thanks for the lovely birthday wishes ; )
Much love Catherine x