Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Queanbeyan Swap Meet '10 Part 4: Dog Show Ribbons

One of the vendors was selling a box filled of Show Prize Ribbons, I rummaged and found a few dog ribbons (pink and mint green) and 4 huge rosettes. In another box I found the certificate for a Champion English Setter, dated 1967.

Check back tomorrow for the FINAL installment of my Swap Meet finds.


the old boathouse said...

They are wonderful, cheers katherine

Nearly there Claire said...

Oh wow!!! I would've loved to have found these. A Challenge Certificate is quite something, win 3 (I think) and your dog becomes a champion. Or something like that, they'll look lovely up on display. I have some of my old rosettes up too, from my gymkhana days. x

DEBBIE said...

I`ve seen quite American bloggers... displaying rosettes in their homes!
I like it! As I think that they make an unusual display! Yours are great too!
Thanks for your comment regarding my new treasures!
The princess rug is pretty isn`t it!
It looks perfect in my little girl bedroom!
The table and chairs, hubby put them on top of other pieces of furniture that will be going into my teenager bedroom!
Hence not be able to show it... just yet!
I`m looking forward to do her bedroom soon!
We are hoping for an ornate French scheme...
Marie Anoinette?

Kind regards,


A Treasured Past said...

@Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet Hi Claire, Wow, I didn't realise that. Ooohh, my husbands favourite word is gymkhana, he only discovered it recently :)

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Debbie, I'm looking forward to seeing the french inspired room, sounds wonderful.