Monday, September 13, 2010

Loom Flowers

Hi everyone, hope you are all well.

A couple of weeks ago I found a nifty little flower loom at the local op shop, it was only $3 so I thought I would give it a go. I bought a heap of woollen offcuts as well. Well after the initial confusion of trying to follow the instructions, I kinda winged it a bit, and they turned out perfectly. They are so easy, and now I'm hooked! I have been making necklaces, brooches, and am planning to make a few small ones for some rings. The kids have even made a few too. I have to have a rest every so often though as it hurts my finger after a while.

While playing around I discovered that you can make a combination of a large flower with a smaller inner flower, which is cool and the small ones are so sweet.

Here is the final flower resting on my cushion (which I handmade with doilies).

Tomorrow, I will post my new bag that I made with doilies and embellished with a loom flower (Mr T said that I can't leave the house with it because it is too embarrassing..pffft :)

If you see one around I would recommend that you give it a try, they are fun to make, fast and easy too!


DEBBIE said...

The flowers are so pretty and so is your cushion made with vintage doillies!
Man... huh... what do they know?
Can`t wait to see the bag... I`m sure its just as beautiful as the cushion!


A Treasured Past said...

@Debbie Hi Debbie, Thank you.

I know, they (men) always grumble about everything but are as proud as punch when a few compliments roll in, ha ha :)

bye, Tamara

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

oooh I am going to keep an eye out for one of those, they look great!