Thursday, September 23, 2010

Corners of Home: Feminine

Hello fab-u-lous people! I know that I should be catching up on the housework instead of snapping away but before I get started, I put together a few photos. These I have labelled feminine .

Enjoy and have a wonderful week!


petals and vintage said...

Beautifully feminine. Just gorgeous. Pam x

A Treasured Past said...

@baysideroseThanks Pam, I even managed to get most to the housework done, yay

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hey GORGEOUS Girl....!

I hope this note finds you well....I figure you're getting geared up for the Queenbeyan Swap Meet as I type.... :o) !! I hope you find HEAPS of Treasures....!

I met up with Angela in Austin for dinner AND dessert last Sunday....She is ADORABLE....I wish we all had the opportunity to meet our blog mates Tam, it is a VERY special thing indeed....!

Well I must away....It's a little after 2am here & as I haven't seen a roach for a while, I'm heading off to bed to see if I can catch me some Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's....!!

Cheers for now from Brenham Texas,
Tamarah :o)

A Treasured Past said...

@TamarahHiya, yep should be good, although I'm not looking forward to the 6:00 start!

Happy roach hunting :) Tamara

DEBBIE said...

These precious treasures... are so delicate!
I love their aged appearance!
Which can`t be replicated... and because of that, no piece is the same!
Thanks for sharing, it was a beautiful feast for my eyes!


A Treasured Past said...

@DebbieHi Debbie, thanks for popping by. How is your lovely furniture makeover going?

Lucy - By the Hill said...

Hello Tamara, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I got lost here on yours, LOL! So much to look at and enjoy.
Your feminine pictures are so yummy!
I'm off now to see the latest with Tamarah, that girl is so much fun!
Good luck at your swap meet!

Tara said...

I love all things girly and your treasures are just beautiful..xx

A Treasured Past said...

@TaraHi Tara, thanks for stopping by, its nice to hear from you :) Tamara

bellaboo said...

Such beautiful them all! Thanks for your lovely comment.Have a great weekend. :o)

DEBBIE said...

... And thanks for your lovely comment too!
I just dropped my treasures off to school... its cold, wet and windy in here!
Funny how both countries can be so different!
Have a lovely weekend!
I`m off to have a nice cup of tea... or like the lovely Brits say it... a nice brew!Lol