Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Collections: Ventriloquist Dummies

I like to collect different and interesting things, hence the ventriloquist dummy collection. I like the older composition dummies, not the newer plastic ones, and have a Jerry Mahoney (middle top), Charlie McCarthy hand puppet, a Danny O'Day?? (top left), a clown (Mr T collects clowns) and the bottom is unidentified. Mr T had them on his side of the bed, but he thought they were creepy so I moved them into the lounge room, he didn't like them staring at him while he slept.

They don't bother me though. I have a antique composition doll next to my bed which has a little hole in the seam of the leg that is stuffed with human hair. This is why my sister won't stay the night at our house, she thinks its haunted. That, and the children I have heard running up the hall during the night and when I have checked on them they are fast asleep, oh and the bouncing ball in the kitchen and press-book that would go off at 2am in the morning...ha ha

Have a good one, Tamara


Mary Poppins said...

Gosh what a lovely collection you have of interesting items. Have to say, like Mr. T not sure I could sleep next to one of the dummies, it may talk to me in the night ;0)
Thank you so much for your very lovely and thoughtful comment on my blog, really touched me and I thank you :0)


petals and vintage said...

I agree, you have some amazing collections Tamara. Even Alf Stewart on Home and Away had nightmares relating to a dummy from his childhood! They look lovely together though. x

A Treasured Past said...

@Mary Poppins Thanks for popping over :0 Our thoughts are with you, and your special boy x Tamara

A Treasured Past said...

@baysideroseThanks Pam, I haven't seen Home and Away in yonks!

*Susycottage* said...

Hello Tamara,
thanks for your visit.
I agree with what you wrote in your
Congratulations for your blog
Hello Susy

DEBBIE said...

I used to have a couple of vintage porcelain dolls and hubby wouldn`t have them in our bedroom.
So I can relate!
Thanks for your sweet comments!
They brighten my day... a lot!