Thursday, August 5, 2010

An Award... Oh Me Oh My!

OMG! Tamarah at Shabby Vintage Junk has graciously honoured me with a very unexpected award...Thank you Tamarah :) I love Tamarah's blog, she always finds the most amazing things in the Hard Rubbish...I would hate to think what we would find in ours if we had such a thing..he he. She is also is organising the first ever Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza in only a few days time! If only I lived closer! (click the link for more details)

I nearly fell off my chair when I read it, and in fact if I had been eating something I would have choked ..ha ha

"This Blog is Charming" award..can you believe it? I am very excited....With so many fab-u-lous blogs out there..Tamarah chose mine? :))

O.k so I have to tell you five things about me, this is hard.... :)
  1. I giggle at lot...and I am quite loud. I work in a scientific organisation where laughter isn't typical so I probably drive everyone mad. My work mate says that he knows something is very wrong if I don't have a smile on my face. I am also incredibly funny, at least I think so....ha ha ha
  2. Growing up, my mother always said that I was stubborn. Its true, I only like to do things in my own time. Well guess what? My comeuppance is that my daughter is just the same :)
  3. I recently found out I have an endochondroma in my little finger. Its a tumor in the bone...eww gross. Anyway, I'm off the see a plastic surgeon in a couple of weeks and I have been telling everyone that I will come out $50,000 poorer, looking Fab-u-lous and my finger won't have been touch..ha ha ha
  4. I have a recurring dream when I am stress or things aren't going so well....I have returned to high school and I am about to re-sit the end of year exam (HSC) and I haven't studied....argh, I hate that one...haven't had one in a long time though :)
  5. I am married to my best friend, who drives me nuts most of the time..I call him 'Jazz Hands' because he turns everything into a production/drama.. ha ha. We have a pigeon pair (two children, 1 boy and 1 girl) Kade (8) and India (6). They are good kids and we are very blessed.
Now I have to pass the 'This Blog is Charming' award to two other bloggers. Of course I would have chosen Tamarah if she hadn't chosen me.....Ooh this is hard as I love reading all my blog favourites, but I have to choose so here we go:

This award goes to two of my lovely English blog buddies....drum roll....
Both Cate and Ann have been supportive of my little blog, thank you both. I swing by often to see what lovely places they have visited, the fantastic vintage finds and of course the wonderful everyday moments. They both have a love of vintage..... Cate has the most wonderful shed/summer house that she is renovating...Ann has the most gorgeous treasures that she sells in her Etzy shops. Pop over, you wont regret it, each blog is full to the brim with eye candy and when you leave you will feel like you have taken away a little slice of England....Sigh...


vintage mum said...

What a lovely thing to say, you are so kind,
Thank You it was a nice suprise.

Cate x