Sunday, July 18, 2010

Train spotting

We are lucky enough to live across from the train station.

This is the view of our house (with the windmill) from the old train platform below.

The Railway Infrastructure Company have been replacing the wooden sleepers with metal ones so there are amazing piles of pins, bolts and rusty metal everywhere.

The Australian Railway Heritage Society (ACT) run day trips so I will show you some trains in another post. In Spring and Summer bridal parties have their wedding photos taken at the new station. We can see them from our kitchen window. T


the old boathouse said...

Wow what a great spot. I love the old platform, and I love love your wind mill. My mind is spinning with ideas to use all those great old rusty bits and bobs , pins etc...I lived in country town as a child and I can remember a friends house had the train line going through their property....we had a lot of fun on the tracks....I guess today this would be frowned on today, Cheers katherine

sassytrash said...

I am so excited to meet a new blog friend from Australia!! I loved every picture and story you shared, and will be adding you to my links! I can't wait to read more....I found your stories of family history so interesting, and all the photos of your area, and the cool junk you find (love the cupboard) so enjoyable! Thank you for sharing.....and for visiting my blog!