Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have a virus...(at work that is) and junking finds

Firstly, thank you for your warm welcome to blogland and for those who have been visiting and posting comments; I am still learning, esp. how to reply etc:)

O.k., while I was at work yesterday click clacking around I managed to get a virus! I'm like, "there is something strange happening to my computer". After I closed down my applications it was..pop! pop! pop! pop!..."OMG!...there are porn icons on my desktop!" I rang the IT department who instructed me to remove my computer from the network..."WHAT? do I do that?" Now, I work in a technical group on computers all day, writing scripts and managing databases but as soon as this happened I turned into a teapot...pretty funny.

During lunch, while my anti-virus was running (for the second time) I quickly made a trip to the tip shop (only 5 minutes away). Today there was a fabulous kidney shaped 1950's bar with a studded/padded front and Formica top, a huge deco mirror, loads of old wire birdcages (love, love) and a great metal outdoor setting (sorry no photos the tip man thinks I'm mad!)

Out the back in my favourite spot I hit the mother lode, I found the vintage cement Mary and the Baby Jesus garden statue pictured above :) Just needs a good clean and a spot in the garden.

I also bought a few smalls (click to see a bigger image).

***vintage skirt and elastic braces (check back later as I have a makeover idea for mini-me). Huge crinoline lady table sized food cover, chunky red beads, old bridal hanging thingme with wax flowers, plastic powder pot and funny little mirrored glass figurine***

IT have taken my 'puter away to do a level 2 virus strip. Hopefully it will be all refreshed on my return to work on Monday :)

Hope you have a great junking week :) T

PS. Laura from 52 Flea (click the name to follow the link or select from my blog list) has reached a wonderful milestone of 500 posts! She is giving away a gift certificate or 52 wonderful things from her stash of vintage don't have to have a blog to win, just leave a comment to enter :)


Annie said...

Hope your computer gets fixed soon, how annoying ! Great finds, you are so lucky having the great tip shop nearby. Love your flour sack cushions by the way.
Ann x