Friday, March 18, 2011

What is your most unusual buy? Chim Chiminey?

I was cleaning my laundry the other day, as you do, and saw my old chimney sweep (brush), that I bought at a local garage sale, propped in the corner. Don't ask me why I buy the things I do..because its old..because its pretty cool. Do we use it? No. Does it do anything other than sit in the corner gathering dust? No.

I do like the patina of the old cane poles and that fact that they screw together with cast iron threads to make a really long length. I like all sorts of old interesting and unusual pieces and so it came home with me and has been sitting there ever since.

It got me to thinking. Am I the only one to buy unusual treasures that I just have to have, really have no need for, that either have a sense of history, great patina, or is just fascinating?

What is the most unusual item that you have bought to keep? I would love to know.


Unknown said...

A miniature model of an Armatage Shanks, Victorian Toilet!! Probably a shop display model......It was sat on the back of our Loo with a candle stuck in it! I sold it on a couple of months not the only nutter in the world,,,??

Nelly said...

I love the wood in the chimney sweep and I cant think of any particular weird stuff I buy lol