Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Treasures

Hope this post finds you all well.

I have added lots of photos (click for a bigger view) of my weekend finds at Y's Buys and the Car Boot sale this morning. It was a little drizzly so it was only about half the size, but we still managed to find a few treasures.

Egg stand that I am going to put to good use for India party in a few weeks, it will hold lollies and the like, $5.

This industrial woollen spool I picked up at Y's Buys. I remembered seeing an inspiration shot in the latest Flea Market Finds magazine (below) and adorned it with little bits and bobs I found at Trash and Treasure.

Cutest book for 50 cents, need I say more.

Vintage baskets above and below, $8 and $3 respectively.

Old leather camera bag that I had attached to my vintage shopping trolley. I always take this along to the Goulburn Swap Meet to carry my goods. Perfect for holding little bits and pieces, and loose change.

Vintage Yardley box, tortoise shell and beehive top knitting needles and old thimble, $4.

Very old lace collar 50 cents, tiny pearls $1, needle tin $3.

Awesome concertina wooden sewing box $2.

More vintage clothes hangers $2.

Fab vintage Milk Bar sign in oak case $15.

Vintage Sharps toffee Tin, heading to my sisters soon, 75 cents!

Mr T's buy for the day, a cool wool/straw hook $3.

Pop over to my last post, I'd love to hear about your most unusual find :)


Nelly said...

Oh what wonderful things you found yay you love the knitting needle lot and the lace collar and and ....

petals and vintage said...

You have some absolutely awesome treasures.
Pam x

Natallie KING said...

Great variety there Tamara. I have a granny trolley too!! A brown vinyl one!! I use it to take my scrapbooking in when going to a crop day!!

Gracie's Cottage said...

Tamara...I wanna shop with you. That egg stand and the milk bar sign are my favs, but scooped up a great load of treasures!


Hello Vintage said...

I just love the milk bar sign. Great find.