Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Big Thank You Pam @ Bayside Rose

Hi everyone, my hand surgery went well, and I am at home recovering and not doing much at all. Being right handed, it has been quite frustrating, as Mr T found out when I flung my lunch across the room..hehe...I blame all the drugs.

I am getting better with my left hand though. I can slowly type, but with lots of typos, but find that I am always closing things by mistake when using the mouse..Doh!

This morning I had a package dropped at my door, it was from Pam @ Bayside Rose who sent me the most wonderful gift! I loved the little crinoline lady bag, and she sent it to me with two gorgeous smelling soaps. Pam made the little bag from a recycled crinoline doiley and the beautiful soaps. She has recently opened a Made-it store where you can buy her handmade soaps, bags and cushions.

Thanks again Pam, I truly appreciate it, Tamara


petals and vintage said...

Thanks for the mention Tamara. Do hope you enjoy them. Typing with your only your left hand must be hard - I know that I would have thrown something across the room too!

Good luck with the recovery of your hand and I hope it is better than it looks - all bandaged up like that.

Pam x

Catherine said...

What a sweet & delightful gift. Glad the surgery went well. Ooh bit tricky in the toilet paper department too I imagine : O and no vege peeling or gardening either ...! Least if you get the right page open you just have to sit there & read it not like having to hold a book open & trying to turn the pages. Heal well & see you back soon typos & all! Much love Catherine