Friday, August 9, 2013

Where the Wild Thing Grow

I've been trying to keep my stamp jewellery and blog separate, but I wanted to show you the new pieces I have been working on. Only genuine stamps are used.

I will be testing out the waters with my new designs and product ranges next weekend (Saturday 17th) at the mini market hosted by Little Finch, who are celebrating their 2nd birthday.

If you are local, I'd love to see you there :) If you can't make the mini market, we will be at the Braidwood Markets Market on September 14th and December 14th.

They call me Willy...Wagtail that is.

Blue Fairy Wren.

Bird pendants, rabbit and fox brooches.

Foxy Loxy...looking a little worn out.

Wooden bird pendants.
The weekend is fast approaching. Enjoy :) Tam x


Blessed Serendipity said...

Those are amazing pieces. They are so whimsical and colorful. I really love the little birds.


Vintage Bird Girl said...

The new pieces look fab! I love the fox & especially the wooden bird pendants. I SO wish I could visit you at the markets! I hope you have a lovely weekend. Xx

Justjen said...

They are wonderful, I love the fox, the best of luck at the market xx

Unknown said...

Hi Tam,
Love love love the foxes so cute

Kylie said...

Willy Wagtails are one of my favourite birds - so much character, so cheeky. I love your new 'range' Tam, you clever thing x

vintageandart said...

You're just too clever Tam...they're all so imaginative and beautifully crafted. l especially love the birds on the twigs but the bird pendants are awesome as well.

Vintage Jane said...

These are fantastic Tam. Why keep your jewellery and blog separate? We want to see what you are creating! M x

CityScape Skybaby said...

These are gorgeous, that first bird brooch is really adorable especially, and the cute foxes. You're so talented. xx

simmone said...

Are they laser cut? Will these go in your shop or are they just for the markets? Clever girl.