Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cinderella Stamp: Ausstellung von Hunden Aller rassen, Exhibition of dogs of all breeds

Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes things are meant to be found???

I'm not sure if you remember the post the I did of the items that we bought in England, 2011? One of the items we sent home was an old oil painting. We found it at Chipping Norton (an Antique and Old Wares shop in Market Street) and as the frame was very big and heavy we left that behind with the shop owners and posted it back.

As you know I am always on the hunt for interesting stamps and I often buy single pieces. My latest purchase is the Cinderella Stamp below located in Serbia*; it just so happens that it is the same image as my painting. I bought the cinderella stamp to keep alongside the painting.

I can only assume that the painting was painted from the stamp or an original painting as they often are. My researching efforts have met a dead end, and I can find little about the stamp or the image. I have translated what I can below. If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be great.

Ausstellungshallen am Zoo: Exhibition halls at the Zoo
Ausstellung von Hunden Aller rassen: Exhibition of dogs of all breeds
Dienstag 18, Mittwoch (Busstag) 19 November, 1913: Tuesday 18, Wednesday (Day of Atonement) 19 November, 1913
Hektor Gesellschaft der Hundefreunde, EV.Sitz Berlin (Jm Kertell), Gegr√ľndet 1876: Hector society of dog lovers, EV.Sitz Berlin (Jm Kertell), founded in 1876
Printed by A Gerhard & Co Berlin 

Did you know that Cinderella Stamps are stamps that are not used for postal purposes (not exchanged as a form of money) but are placed as a decorative seal alongside a postage stamp? They include Christmas, Easter or charity seals, poster, revenue, charity and railways stamps. The term Cinderella could imply that they are a diamond in the rough but the graphics on these stamps are just incredible and every bit as interesting as a better known postage stamp. Collecting Cinderella stamps is a popular part of philately. * For more interesting Cinderella Stamps, I recommend probaj on ebay or Probaj-Stamps.

Thanks for the best wishes and kind comments from my previous post, it really cheered me up. Enjoy your week, Tam x


Kylie said...

Well Tam, thanks for the edumacation. I've never heard of Cinderella stamps. I was surprised to see a pic of a dog, I really thought I was going to see a beautiful girl in a ball gown missing a shoe!

And on my post today. I don't know why either. Having my photo taken just makes me feel really uncomfortable. Silly, but we've all got our little hang-ups I suppose and that's just one of mine x

*Maristella* said...

Hi Tamara.
Ti ringrazio per la simpatica visita.
Io conosco bene Chipping Norton, un bellissimo villaggio, quando andiamo in Inghilterra, ci fermiamo sempre a visitarlo...e che begli antiquari! :):)
Un abbraccio forte, *Maristella*.

Lyndel said...

oh Tam, lovely old stamp. I too collect Cinderellas, but only those advertising writing ink or inkwells. Now you've inspired me to scan them all (or at least some) and show them on one of my blogs. Thank you!
I used to buy a lot from in Germany, and their packing and posting is to die for too.

Shortbread and Ginger said...

What a coincidence! Its great when you come across things like that. Its a lovely picture too.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

simmone said...

A diamond in the rough, what a lovely find for you Tam, enjoy.

Vintage Jane said...

I try to learn something new every day and 'Cinderella Stamps' is my fact for today! I have never heard of them. I love your painting.
M x

Flotsam said...

I had no idea the extra decorative stamps are called Cinderella stamps, but now you mention them; know what you mean. I am not sure if our Post Office make them any more - austerity and all that :(

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I really love any naive pictures of animals in particular dogs so this is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that nobody recognized the very famous painting which you purchased a copy of in Chipping Norton. It is by Sir Edwin Landseer and was first exhibited in 1838. It was extremely popular and gave rise to innumerable copies. Landseer made quite a few paintings of Newfies, to the point that in some parts of England Newfies are sometimes still referred to as Landseers.

A Treasured Past said...

Wow, thank you Anonymous for the information. I found the link to the original painting, thank you again.