Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Diary of a House Move

I must thank Deb @ Bee Happy for the lovely pack of goodies that she sent us. Mr ATP lent a helping hand to design the cover for Deb when she was preparing her book, Diary of a House Move. The book is now available for purchase on Amazon, and Deb has recently dedicated a new blog aptly named Diary of a House Move where you can read snippets of the book also.

Deb makes and sells amazing pieces, like the ones you can see here, through her Be Happy Home and Accessories Etsy , Ebay and Folksy stores. The bag above is gorgeous, I am sure you will be thrilled to own one too.

So, a big thank you Deb, I know Mr ATP did all the work but I reaped the rewards. Did you notice the the parcel is littered with birds, how ever did she know??


vintageandart said...

It looks like that bag of goodies was tailor made for YOU Tam...with bumble bees, birds and British swing awesome...Mr ATP is obviously very talented, love the cover of Debs book...between you and him what a creative gene pool your kids have been lucky enough to fall into hehe!!...

Deborah said...

Such a lovely post thank you so much Tam and so glad you love your gifts :) thanks again sweetie

Bee happy x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Hi Tam!

You got some great stuff. I love Mr ATP's cover illustration - hope the book goes well!

Flotsam said...

Thank you so much for showing me this lovely blog, Tam. I am a new reader!

I hope all is well in Oz. :)